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    Apple's next iteration of its SoC used in all iOS devices won't come integrated with an LTE chip, but not because Apple doesn't want it to. A report from Fudzilla indicates Apple will be relying on Qualcomm to deliver LTE functionality in the next iPhone and iPad, and also suggests Samsung will play a lesser part in SoC manufacture due to production deficiencies on their part.

    News from the San Francisco Chronicle says Apple may have explored purchasing electric car company Tesla last year. The report says a German investment banker wrote an open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook and board member Al Gore, urging them to purchase Tesla, but meetings between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Apple's head of acquisitions happened regardless. A separate rumour says Apple are researching ways of predicting heart attacks via audio sensors.

    Basis are a company that make a wearable health tracker, and it seems they've put themselves up for sale in the hopes of being acquired by Google, Samsung, Microsoft, or Apple. If an acquisition were to take place, TechCrunch reports a figure below a hundred million would be the ballpark for a company that seems very closely aligned to what we've heard about Apple's heath-monitoring initiative so far.

    The 13C62 beta build of OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 comes just days after the previous build, with Apple noting developers should focus on Mail, Messages, and VPN. 9to5Mac once again notes that this increase in frequency means a public release is just around the corner.

    If we're counting all iOS devices as computers, then Q4 2013 was the landmark moment when Apple outsold Microsoft on the number of Windows PCs sold globally, as pointed out by Benedict Evans. If that doesn't give you a pretty clear idea of the sheer size of the mobile marketplace, then I'm not sure what will (we're not even counting $200 Android handsets here, just iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads).

    In John Moltz's review of the Zagg Keys Cover for the iPad Air, he only likes one or two features about it. But those two features the hinge and keys, specifically mean it comes head and shoulders above every other keyboard case out there, including similar offerings from Logitech.

    Wizard for Mac is designed to make analysing data easy. The website claims Wizard is useful for all kinds of data and statistical analysis, including predictive modelling, data summaries, and even for creating visual representations of statistics. And certainly, the intro video definitely shows off some of those features.

    Fast Company Design has the inside story of how Steve Jobs wanted to put a little man in every Mac. "Mr Macintosh" was perhaps the very first Easter Egg, originally designed to appear randomly when a menu was opened from the menu bar. But limitations on ROM at the time prevented Mr Macintosh from ever becoming reality, no matter how much Jobs and Andy Hertzfeld wanted him to be.

    Apple are now rejecting games with "flappy" in the title, with the reasoning that they are attempting to leverage a popular, now-removed, app. The App Store guidelines currently say that they don't need any more fart apps, and perhaps the same is also true for Flappy Bird clones, seeing as there's still a bunch of them out there.

    Brazil now has an Apple Store to call its very own, the first of its kind in the Latin America. That's pretty cool, even if import taxes mean an contract-free 16GB iPhone 5S is almost US $1200.
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