• Monday Morning News

    KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is back with a few predictions for Apple's iPad lineup in 2014. We already know that the iPad 2 will be discontinued this year, and Kuo believes the iPad 4th gen will be making a comeback, possibly as a replacement for the outgoing iPad 2. Chances of a new iPad mini are slim, according to the analyst, who also says it's unlikely Apple will release a bigger iPad this year.

    Office for iPad rumours have reared their head once again, and contrary to popular opinion, Office for iPad is far from dead. It seems internal politics at Microsoft have been the primary reason for the delayed release, which is still slated to happen "sooner than most think".

    Which? in the UK has found the iPad Air to beat all other tablets when it comes to battery life. Both internet use and video playback were tested across a wide range of tablets, including models from Google and Samsung. In both cases, the iPad Air beat other tablets.

    One Apple patent application proposes a server-side solution to combat spam. If implemented, the system describes automatically generating and handling "disposable" email addresses on behalf of the user. The automatic part of the patent application intrigues me how would that work, exactly?

    Ever since the demise of Google Reader, people have been scrambling to either update old apps to be compatible with something new, or making new apps entirely. Unread is from the latter camp, and is compatible with Feed Wrangler, Feedly, and Feedbin, and from what Shawn Blanc has been saying, it's a really great app for RSS. Stephen Hackett also has a review.

    Numerical is a new calculator app for iOS designed and developed by Australian Andrew Clark. Curiously for a calculator app, there's no equals button to be seen in the extensively gesture-driven UI but what it does have is a ton of polish and some eye-catching gradients. MacStories has a full review, or you can check out what Beautiful Pixels had to say.

    I had no idea Facebook's Paper wasn't available outside of the US. I have no idea what Facebook are doing releasing their (free) apps exclusively in the US in the first place as I recall, Facebook Messenger also had the same treatment, even though it came to other countries eventually. Anyway, you can download it if you have a US iTunes account, or just wait until it hits the Australian App Store.

    Stephen Hackett from 512pixels investigated the evolution of Apple's PR boilerplate, the slab of text they include at the bottom of every press release. Earlier statements included how Apple "ignited the personal computer revolution", but these days, Apple "designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world".

    I'm utterly perplexed why you can't show battery percentage on the iPod touch. Seems like a puzzling omission, as TUAW writes.

    Restarting a remote Mac that's running FileVault 2 is more complicated than it may seem, thanks to the extra security of entire-disk encryption. The MacMiniColo blog has a post on how to make the magic happen, referencing this Apple support article on Macs that support authenticated restart.

    Twelve South have introduced the Compass 2, now better designed for all iPads. A hidden third leg allows for a more comfortable typing position, while the normal legs still possess the ability to fold up into a very portable form factor when not being used. It's now available from the Twelve South website for US $39.99.

    With recent rumours pegging the next iPhone coming in with an even higher PPI, your recommended read for this morning is from Anandtech, who wrote about the pixel density race and its technical merits about a week ago. It's a good writeup that examines exactly why higher PPI might not be better due to the limits of human eyes, but also about how manufacturers are going about it with a variety of display technologies.
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