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    For a moment, I got pretty excited about the possibility of a thinner iPhone 6 as depicted in a few images shared on Twitter and on MacRumors. But eagle-eyed readers were quick to debunk the pictures, spotting reused and copied textures from previous mockups, as well as the wrong font entirely. If I'm honest, it's probably too early in the product lifecycle for these kinds of leaks to be happening but give it a few months.

    The Wall Street Journal has confirmed Bloomberg's report from earlier in the week about an updated Apple TV this year, but they also say Apple has scaled back their plans. Previous reports said Apple would be competing against cable providers by going straight to the source (the networks), but the latest says they'll be working with cable providers to deliver content to the Apple TV that way.

    People are still being hired at Apple to work on biometrics, which should come as no surprise. The CTO of a company specialising in non-invasive patient monitoring systems was recently hired by Apple, and it's not hard to draw the conclusion that he's working on something that will contribute some kind of health-reporting system, potentially aided by Apple's upcoming wearable.

    The last time Apple announced new iPads I was surprised they kept the iPad 2 around. The last non-Retina iOS device currently sold has been around for a long time, but after nearly three years on the market, that is set to change. AppleInsider reports the iPad 2s' days are numbered, and people should expect it to be discontinued in the near future.

    A letter from SVP of Operations Jeff Williams to Apple employees followed the first update to their supplier responsibility report in 2014. In the letter, Williams summarises a few key points covered by the report, which you can read over at Apple's supplier responsibility website.

    Apple has seeded a new build of OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 to developers a week after the previous release. 9to5Mac reports we should expect a public release soon, which will bring support for FaceTime Audio and iMessage/FaceTime blocking to the Mac, which you should already be using on your iPhone and/or iPad.

    A look at Apple's R&D expenditure from 1995 to 2013 paints an interesting picture of how much it spends on R&D annually, especially compared to some of its (admittedly larger) competitors such as Google, Microsoft, and Samsung. "One of the more interesting data points from this chart is that the company's R&D costs took a noticeable plunge following Steve Jobs' return to Apple. This is without question the result of Jobs' effort to streamline Apple's entire product line and refocus the company's energies and efforts on just a few core products."

    Federico Viticci has been using the iPad mini with Retina display for three months now, and while he loves the fact the smallest iPad now has a Retina display, there's other concerns he would like to see addressed (RAM and software, mainly). But if you're still on the fence and have to decide between the iPad mini and iPad Air, Shawn Blanc opens his decision-making process with "both iPads are an awesome compromise", and later goes on to recommend the iPad mini.

    An interesting new app called Clef wants you to get rid of usernames and passwords and just use your smartphone. It's an bold move that uses a combination of private and public key pairs, as well as OAuth 2.0, to let users log into sites securely no username or password needed.

    Your recommended read for the weekend is an interview with Apple Distinguished Educator Luis Perez on mobile photography. Perez, being partially sighted himself, focuses (pardon the pun) on accessibility and inclusive design, according to the interview.
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