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    Feel free to take this rumour with the requisite grain of salt, but a new rumour has emerged that says Apple will launch two new iPhones in September, both with larger displays. The new iPhones will feature Sapphire displays for scratch resistance, and according to industry insiders who have "seen prototypes", both iPhones will feature pixel densities of 441 PPI. The rumour circles amidst similar rumours saying the next iPhones will be without bezels, as reported by 9to5Mac.

    It's likely Sony will be providing the sensor for the front-facing camera in a future iPhone. Sony already supplies most of the sensors used in the rear camera, and by also providing the sensor for the front-facing one, they could double their sensor shipments to Apple. It's currently unclear what camera improvements the next iPhone will have.

    Thinner and lighter. If that phrase sounds familiar, it's probably because you've seen Apple's famed iterative hardware design for yourself — and now, thinner and lighter backlights could slim down the iPhone and iPad. Only by 0.2mm, mind you, but every fraction of a millimetre saved counts when we're only talking about 7.6mm in total. That's a 2.5% reduction in thickness, right there.

    Apple's upcoming wearable is going to be a big deal. It won't just be a fitness tracker, it'll represent Apple's foray into mobile health. In January 9to5Mac shared all their thoughts on what Apple were going to be doing in this area, one aspect of which is a new "Healthbook" app which could give users updates on their health via a new health and fitness application built into iOS.

    Bloomberg is reiterating there will be a new Apple TV with revamped interface and an improved content selection, announced in April and launched in time for Christmas. The timeframe between announcement and availability seems a little longer than normal, but maybe it'll give Apple time to settle those content deals.

    App Store? I don't know about the App Store. With the number of Flappy Bird clones popping up, we might as well rename it the Flapp Store and be done with it — Touch Arcade has a review of a few clones. Or if you have Pythonista, you can roll your own Flappy Bird clone.

    In other mobile gaming news, the developers behind Candy Crush Saga are using their powers for evil. First they trademarked the word "candy", and after they won that trademark, they started sending takedown notices to anyone that they saw infringed. But King.com, despite evidence of their own IP theft, are now going after CandySwipe, a game similar to Candy Crush Saga that was released two years before CCS was.

    Innovation on the App Store is one thing. But as these App Store screenshots show, so many developers are just trying to ride the popularity wave associated with apps that have Made It™ (Clash of Clans, in this case, an app that recently reported revenue of $892 million in the past year).

    Jordan Price wanted to work at Apple a lot. So when he landed the dream job and found it didn't meet his expectations (inflexible hours, endless meetings, and most troubling of all, a boss that constantly harassed him and other coworkers), he wiped his company-provided iPad Air, neatly arranged his belongings on his desk, and walked out. His story is on Medium.

    Peter Cohen at iMore tells us about the future of the Mac. Technology is now progressing at the rate where it's become impossible to predict what will happen even five, let alone ten years down the track, so what's in store for the Mac? Are the best years still to come, or has the Mac seen better days, in a world filled with tablets and smartphones?
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