• Review - Leggo's Sweet Mustard Sandwich Pickles

    Leggo's Sweet Mustard Sandwich Pickles is a condiment. A condiment that isn't well loved.

    It has been relegated to obscurity behind trendier condiments such as avocado spreads, or simply ignored for old favourites like tomato sauce or it's fancier, American mustard variety. In an attempt to learn more about the subject I am reviewing, I wanted to know the history behind it, however, the lineage of Leggo's Sweet Mustard Sandwich Pickles isn't exactly clear. I Googled for minutes and I failed find anything relating to the history of Sweet Mustard Sandwich Pickles, let alone Leggo's variety. It is such a neglected condiment, that no-one cared about it enough to create a Wikipedia article. Not even a mention in the main Mustard article. This review might enlighten you to it and spread awareness of this red-headed step child of the condiment world.

    What exactly is in Leggo's Sweet Mustard Sandwich Pickles I hear you ask? Well, it's a bunch of yellow shit (mustard I presume), mixed with pickle and cauliflower. There's a heap of other crap listed on the ingredients, but most of it is irrelevant. Unless you're allergic to colours 100 and 102 that is. If so, don't eat this. If you need the full spec sheet, hit up the Leggo's website.

    How's it taste? Pretty damn good. Usually around 11pm - 1am you can find me in the kitchen (in my underwear of course) slathering this all over four pieces of bread and then sliding some quality bacon between those slices of bread and totally gorging myself. If you've ever digested mustard before, this is pretty close in taste, but it's a bit sweeter than your usual Dijon or American mustard (hence the "Sweet" in "Sweet Mustard Pickles"). It has a runny consistency and is less grainy than regular mustard, if you care about such things. For me hoever, the real kicker is the addition of pickles *with* the mustard. Getting those chunky bits of pickled cucumber is like winning a mini-lottery. I am a pickle fan, as well as a mustard fan, so it's a match made in heaven. The cauliflower, I can do without, but seeing as it's drowned in the mustard, I'll forget it's there and just stomach it.

    I strongly recommend the sandwich variety, as the "regular" sweet mustard pickles are quite a challenge to spread. There are more chunks and it's thicker, which means you will probably end up tearing the bread, then when you eat the sandwich, it leaks out and you get stains on your t-shirt. Not cool. Not cool at all. People will unfairly think you're a slob. The chunkier version is great on hot dogs or as a side to something else, so it has it's place. Good thinking Leggo's - that's what I call innovation.

    Leggo's Sweet Mustard Sandwich Pickles sells for around $2.49 (I forget the exact price) for a smaller jar down at the local supermarket and has a really long use-by date. So buy a jar, stick it in your pantry and leave it there. You never know when the need will arise. You'll have friends over, about to tuck into a boring, plain and pathetic sandwich consisting solely of bread and bacon (or any other sort of processed meat) and then it will hit you - "I saw that fucking stupid review of Leggo's Sweet Mustard Sandwich Pickles on MacTalk, which has nothing to do about Macs, or talking, but I bought a jar anyways and never used it. Until now. My sorry excuse for a sandwich is now full of win thanks to Leggo's Sweet Mustard Sandwich Pickles. Thank you MacTalk."

    You're welcome reader. You're very, very welcome. It was my pleasure.


    Mmmm, delicious. Only 0.1g of fat per serving! Made in Australia too. This is MacTalk Australia after all.


    Kinda looks like the inside of a colostomy bag huh? The tastiest colostomy you've ever eaten, that's for damn sure.


    The money shot. Taken inside my pantry. What a tasty looking sandwich on the front there. SPREADABLE - you better believe it.
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