• Monday Morning News

    If anything is true, it's that the new Mac Pro is a speed machine. The first performance analysis reviews are in, and over at FCP.co, they put the new Mac Pro through its paces. The PCIe-based flash storage screams along at upwards of 900MB/s in reads and writes, and as for 4K video, the new Mac Pro handles that with ease: "Earlier in the day we had witnessed the Mac Pro playing back 16 streams of 4K in a multicam clip, it can shift data." Macworld also ran a few benchmarks and other application-based tests on the new Mac Pro.

    Just in time for the holiday seasons, the team from Evasi0n have released an untethered iOS 7 jailbreak. All iOS 7-compatible devices work with the jailbreak, so long as they're running version 7.0.4 or earlier. The jailbreak process seems pretty straightforward, but you might want to hold off Cydia has been updated or at least tested more thoroughly with the jailbreak; the current version is "unsupported".

    The first OS X 10.9.2 beta update seeded to developers includes FaceTime Audio for the first time, and MacRumors has a few screenshots on how it works. Looks pretty similar to how iChat voice conversations worked, except with a higher-quality VoIP codec being used.

    Apple are looking into displays enhanced with quantum dots, which will involve, wait for it: "a dichroic filter is disposed on a quantum dot-enhanced film (QDEF) in an red/blue/green (RGB) LCD display". I'm no quantum physicist, but from what I can gather the patent describes a high-tech way for better colour accuracy and reproduction in portable displays.

    App Santa is a Christmas promo that lets you get 15 of the best iOS apps at up to a 60% discount. And unlike other app promos, you might have actually heard of these apps before: there's Tweetbot from Tapbots, Vesper by Q Branch, 1Password by AgileBits, Launch Center Pro by Contrast, and even Clear+ by Realmac Software.

    Standing desks are all the rage today, but committing to a standing desk upfront, without some kind of test-drive or dry-run is a tall order for some. The Ergotron WorkFit-A is a standing desk of sorts that can be modified to fit your existing desk, removing the need for you to outlay a bundle of cash for a real standing desk that you might hate. Macworld has the review.

    Vert is one of the best unit conversion apps out there, and the fact that it's now a Universal app that runs on both iPad and iPhone makes it even better. What's more, the larger iPad version works perfectly, almost as if it was designed with that particular form factor and screen size in mind. (Of course it was.)

    IMore has the ultimate guide to iCloud Keychain. ICloud Keychain represents Apple's first attempt at making the web a friendlier place for users by remembering things like usernames and passwords for them, as well as credit card numbers and other important, but sensitive info. Seriously, there's everything you would ever want to know about iCloud Keychain in iMore's guide, so head past the jump and check it out.

    Just in case you haven't read the piece from The Atlantic on how Google had to start over on Android because of the iPhone, here it is. The iPhone didn't just save us from a future filled with ugly candybars with plastic-y feeling keyboards, it damn well revolutionised the phone to what we have today. It's truly a breakthrough internet communications device, not just something you make calls and send text messages on.

    It's hard to argue with people when they say price is the main factor that drives marketshare. Make something cheap enough, and enough people will buy it so that it becomes the king of marketshare. The world's cheapest tablet is just US $38 and looks impressive enough on paper, but I have to wonder: what kind of experience does a tablet that cheap give you?

    If you find yourself sitting at home this holiday period, twiddling your thumbs with nothing to do, The Sweet Home has a few of the best iOS games that you can give a go. There's a few others I'd add to the list, including the Puzzle Agent series from the same developers of The Walking Dead, maybe even ports of DS games like Ghost Trick and the Ace Attorney trilogy.

    Stephen Hackett can't help but draw parallels between the new Mac Pro and the Power Mac G4 Cube. The Cube was iconic, for sure, but Hackett calls the Cube one of his favourite Macs in recent history, but from everything I've heard about them they weren't actually all that nice to use.
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