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    Apple's new Mac Pro is now available, after the Online Store went down for a little while yesterday evening. But those hoping to get one for early next year will probably be disappointed, seeing as shipping dates have already slipped to February, even for the standard model without any configuration changes.

    Meanwhile, The Verge has gone hands-on with one of the first Mac Pros in the wild. It's an impressive little unit even before you fire it up, cutting a mean figure in its super-reflective coating which also attracts fingerprints like nothing else. It's also heavier than expected, but I guess that's the price of packing all that technology into that kind of form factor.

    It seems to be a new thing for Apple to release software updates that bring increased performance to any new Mac they release. Final Cut Pro is no different this time around, adding 4K display support as well as the ability to leverage those dual GPUs in the new Mac Pro. Compressor and Motion also got the 4K compatibility treatment, and while Logic Pro doesn't get 4K display support, it also received an update of its own.

    A report on the Washington Post points to research that shows how MacBook webcams can be activated without the user being alerted via the little green light. But before you go taping over the webcam in your own laptop, know that the hack is fairly involved, and only works for older, pre-2008, machines. It's entirely possible that newer machines can be exposed to a similar hack, but extremely unlikely.

    Traditionally iA Writer has been the minimalist text editor, and with Writer Pro, that's still the case. But Writer Pro adds a number of features that add to the writing experience that aren't style-related, including advanced syntax highlighting for the English language. There's no Dropbox support in the app just yet, but it's worth your consideration if you do a lot of writing on OS X or iOS.

    After the public release of OS X 10.9.1 earlier this week, Apple has wasted no time in seeding the first beta of OS X 10.9.2 to developers. It's the first update that includes FaceTime Audio.

    For someone that's so into iPad productivity, it's interesting reading what kind of apps Federico Viticci uses on his Mac. Not only because there's similarities between the two apps, but because there's contrasts, too: there's no good GIF maker that I know of on the iPad, so Viticci uses GIF Brewery on OS X to create GIFs.

    An updated version of the Spotify desktop client is currently being rolled out that includes a darker, cleaner-looking interface. There's still the same stuff being displayed on-screen, just with a new coat of pixels. It looks alright, in my opinion.

    It's a curious thing that there's still no official Instagram client for the iPad. Flow claims to be the missing Instagram client for the iPad, and the introduction video on the Flow website definitely seems like it offers a great tablet experience of Instagram. Free in the App Store.

    If the next version of OS X were to take its design cues from iOS 7, this concept by Andrew Ambrosino might be what it would look like. It checks all the boxes on the iOS 7 redesign checklist, including a flatter interface, translucency, blurs, and the same iconography as on the mobile platform.
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