• Wednesday Morning News

    Just after we went to press yesterday Apple released OS X 10.9.1 to the public, featuring several Mail improvements, an update to Safari, and other miscellaneous bug fixes. There'a also a separate version of 10.9.1 that can be downloaded for the Retina MacBook Pros with "specific system enhancements", whatever that means.

    Apple has been awarded a patent from the US PTO that seems to be a new kind of computer, one that doesn't use a typical LCD for display output, but one that sits on another desk somewhere else and uses a projector for visual output. The patent essentially describes using a projector as a computer, "a portable computing system devoid of built-in display, keyboard and nearly all peripheral wires".

    Apple's best of 2013 lists are now up on the iTunes Store, with iPhone app of the year going to Duolingo and iPad app of the year being the Disney Animated app. The Mac app of the year is Wunderlist, with many more apps named as runners up. MacStories has the full list of winners and runners up, or you can view the special page on the iTunes Store (link opens iTunes).

    Every now and then we hear about Apple's efforts in regards to iAds, and the latest on this front is that Apple are focusing iAd sales around iTunes Radio. Apple SVP of internet software and services Eddy Cue has reportedly told the iAd sales to team focus purely on selling slots for iTunes Radio, seeing as Apple will be launching it in multiple countries in the future; it's a big opportunity for Apple if used right, but I wonder how successful they'll be with companies such as Spotify now offering free mobile streaming.

    Ars Technica goes hands-on with Opera's latest browser for the iPad. "If you want to make a good iOS browser, then, you need to be focused on two things: value-added features (like Chrome for iOS' integration with other Google apps and services) or a particularly interesting user interface. Opera's Coast browser, version 2.0 of which was just released to the App Store today, goes the latter route."

    Whether you're using nested folders to organise your files or exclusively use Spotlight to track stuff down for you, the message from Macworld's guide to how Mac experts organise their files is that you've got to find a system that works for you. And even if that system is "dump everything on the desktop until you can be bothered cleaning it up", I guess you've got to start somewhere, right?

    The original Tomb Raider game has made its way to iOS, but have you seen those on-screen controls? Despite this, early reviews claim the control scheme is "manageable". It's available on the App Store now for the princely sum of 99 cents.

    Michael Steeber recreated Apple's Infinite Loop headquarters in Minecraft, and there's a stunning amount of detail in the designs. Everything from the design of Infinite Loop is there, including the restaurant across the road, the employee lunch areas and volleyball courts, and other notable buildings, including Caffe Macs, Apple Town Hall, and more. It's seriously impressive.

    Framed from Australian developers Loveshack Entertainment was one of the games from PAX Australia I was looking forward to the most. Early estimates named a December 2013 release date, but that has now been pushed back to "early 2014", which I'm totally OK with. In the meantime, there's a new trailer and a website to pour over, so head on past the jump and check those out.

    Apple's holiday ad this year lets us know what kids are doing on their iPhones all the time, and is a real tear-jerker.
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