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    Over the weekend Beyoncé released her new self-titled album, exclusively on the iTunes Store. There were no rumours a new album was coming from the artist, it was suddenely just available. It has proved absurdly popular, selling 828,773 copies in the first three days, also making it the fastest selling album on the iTunes Store.

    Ever since the Seiki 39-inch 4K display popped up on Amazon for under $800 delivered to Australia, I kind of wanted one to use to see how good (or bad) it would be. Seth Weintraub from 9to5Mac splashed out for me, and the results aren't pretty. Due to a limitation on the monitor it can only display 4K content at 30Hz, which makes it unusable for gaming, and pretty much anything else, due to the stuttering and lag you notice with the slower refresh rate.

    Reports of app updates not showing in iTunes is the latest issue to hit the do-everything media player, with no new app updates for days now. There's a big discussion over on Apple's Support Communities website, but I have been noticing the same issue. At first I thought it was just random iTunes weirdness, but it's been a few days and the problem hasn't gone away. Here's hoping Apple issues a fix soon.

    Tydlig is a new take on the calculator, and MacStories has a review of the free form calculator. It lets you place numbers anywhere on the iPad or iPhone screen, and then lets you interact with them like you would a normal calculator, but Tydlig, in addition to having an unpronounceable name, is anything but a normal calculator.

    Over at Quartz, there's an interesting article about the parallels between iOS 7 and how it requires change, much like the change in the Montessori education system. "And so it made sense that as we duplicated the Montessori experience in digital form, the materials presented looked the same way. On an iPhone or iPad, the experience we offered children was largely rooted in the real world."

    An article at Wired says you shouldn't coil your cable around your MacBook Pro charger in a way shown in a tweet last week, because it will fatigue the cable over time which could lead to eventual cable failure. Instead, they recommend coiling the cable with its natural coil. And as for the MagSafe end of the cable, that's OK to coil if you reduce the strain on the connector by including a small loop.

    Kirk McElhearn takes an in-depth look at iTunes Match and Mastered for iTunes. In particular, he wonders which files you get if you Match a song via iTunes Match, then delete that song off your computer — do you get the version you uploaded, or do you get the Mastered for iTunes version, which is available if you were to purchase the song from the iTunes Store?

    Occasionally you'll hear someone say that an app was "sherlocked", and the origin of that term is Sherlock itself. Stephen Hackett gives us the rundown on the search tool before there was a search tool; the precursor to Spotlight or Google, if you will, as well as the origins of the term "sherlocked".

    Macworld's Editor's Choice awards for 2013 are the best products for the year, and even though there's a few things I haven't heard of or outright aren't available in Australia, I trust the people at Macworld and their reasoning behind their choices.

    Jeff Kreacher connected his 27-year old Mac Plus to the web. It ain't exactly fast, but having a machine that old connected to the web is no mean feat, and I applaud him on his efforts.
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