• Friday Morning News

    An earlier report earlier this week accused Apple manufacturing partner Pegatron of labour violations after the death of one underage worker. Despite Apple's medical team later determining his death was not related to working conditions, labour violations are still a hot topic, with Foxconn working with Apple to improve working hours, which currently violate Chinese labour limits.

    Apple's support pages have been updated with a fresh new look. The individual product pages still look the same, but the Apple support page has been redesigned in order to make finding the support for your product much easier than before, with a heavy focus on images and graphics rather than the walls of text that appeared before.

    It's been widely rumoured Tony Fadell is the owner of the one-of-a-kind Product(RED) Mac Pro and solid gold EarBuds that were recently sold in an auction for charity. Tony Fadell, of course, being one of the creators behind the original iPod idea and current founder of Nest Labs.

    Spotify has announced free mobile streaming for non-Premium subscribers, following rumours they would be doing so earlier in the week. However, there are a few limitations: you'll only be able to shuffle artists or playlists, and will occasionally have to listen to an ad. The limitations on shuffle-only playback doesn't apply to the iPad, as Spotify now counts iPad as desktop-class computers.

    Flesky is a new keyboard replacement for iOS that is the only one to be gaining any traction. It's uncommon for iOS app developers to build their own custom keyboards for apps, although some may add an extra row (or rows, in the case of the Wolfram Alpha app) here and there. I'm not sure how well it will work offered on a per-app basis, but all the best to them.

    Out of the blue, Twitter has announced version 3.0 of its Mac client. It now features a big emphasis on photo content, with images automatically expanded in the main timeline view and an improved profile viewer that looks remarkably similar to what you might see on the web version.

    Castro is a new podcast app for iOS that does away with podcast playlists and just keeps your podcasts front and centre for playing. And according to MacStories, the search feature is so fast that it sets the new standard for podcast apps.

    Safari on OS X now features push notifications. But they're mostly terrible, says Mac AppStorm. Having push notifications enabled for your favourite web sites might seem like a good idea at first, but you quickly realise it's just another thing to ignore *besides, how many times per day do you open the Notification Center to check what you've missed? Opening it to clear out items doesn't count.

    A tip from OS X Daily lets you find the best wireless channels to run your Wi-Fi network on, thanks to the new Wi-Fi Diagnostics in OS X Mavericks. An option tucked away in the Wi-Fi Diagnostics pane lets your Mac automatically scan for available wireless networks and automatically tell you which channel is the best.

    In case you were wondering what to do with your weekend, there's a heap of iOS-related gaming news. First up is TouchArcade's review of the recently-released GTA: San Andreas, an incredible port of a PS2 classic. Even the controls aren't bad.

    If stealing cars isn't exactly your thing, then LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga is also on the App Store, although you'll have to pay for the other episodes via in-app purchase (Episode I is included in the free download).

    But wait, there's more: the sequel to the 2012 iOS game of the year has been released, with The Room Two being the direct sequel to touch-based puzzler/mystery game The Room. Only the iPad version is up at the moment but the iPhone should be out "soon".

    And finally, Halfbrick Studio's new game Colossatron: Massive World Threat should be out in about a week or so. I had a chance to play Colossatron at PAX Australia earlier this year, and it seemed like a bunch of fun.

    Phew! Have an excellent weekend, folks.
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