• Thursday Morning News

    Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has put Siri to the test in a head-to-head battle with Google Now. His analysis of both voice recognition personal assistants concludes that even though both have shown improvement, Google Now has improved enough to be on par with Apple's personal assistant.

    A newly granted Apple patent looks like a pair of ski goggles that lets users look at media with a much larger view than their iPhone can currently display. I imagine it would be kind of like strapping an iPhone to your face, but I'm sure the actual implementation (if it ever appears) would be a little different.

    Another day, another Apple TV update which features channels that are of little interest to Australians. But hey, the new Bloomberg channel has 24/7 live streaming of "business news", whatever that is. At least there's a look behind the scenes of Apple TV app development by 9to5Mac.

    Glassdoor has reviewed the best places to work in 2014, and Apple comes in at number 35 on the list. Most of the downsides to working at Apple came from Apple Retail, where Apple Store employees had a few varied comments to make, as noted by Fortune.

    The official Twitter app for iOS has been updated to version 6.0 which brings photo sharing to direct messages, as well as the interesting move of integrating Reading List into the app by letting users save their items to the built-in Reading List. I haven't used the official app in a long time (Tweetbot is my preferred client on both iOS and OS X), but perhaps it's high time I gave it another go. In a similar fashion, the Steam mobile app has also been updated with a new look and feel and offline chats.

    Continuing in the tradition of "there's an app for that", there's now an app that claims to be able to improve your vision. GlassesOff takes you through a few exercises that work towards the end goal of letting you read without your reading glasses, and what's more, it has the science to back it up.

    Today's single-serving Tumblr blog is one that shows off iOS app icons after their iOS 7 redesigns. This, if nothing else, should show you some of the differences in the design languages between the two versions of iOS.

    A tip from Gabe of Macdrifter explains how to dictate your way out of a spelling hole. Next time you come across a word you can't spell, just double-tap the "fn" (function) key, say the word, and let OS X do the speech-to-text conversion for you.

    A piece from Wired about how Apple's iBeacons are going to change interaction design is worth reading as it makes the case for personalised shopping. I'd expect this to become a big deal in the next year or so.

    And last but not least, a tip in a tweet.
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