• Wednesday Morning News

    Apple has hired one Michael Pallad to bolster the iTunes Radio team. Pollad's LinkedIn account confirms the move, and also shows he's worked as the Executive Vice President of Sales at Cumulus Media, a radio organisation. It's expected Pallad will work on ad sales in his new position on the iTunes Radio team.

    Somewhere along the line, smartphones with curved displays became all the rage. A patent recently granted to Apple describes methods to manufacture curved touch surfaces and displays. The real kicker is that Apple already makes a curved, touch-sensitive surface, like the one on the Magic Mouse. The real trick, I suspect, will be integrating an LCD with the same curve.

    An interesting thing is happening with Bitcoin apps in the App Store. Apple has previously rejected apps outright, or asked developers to remove features, but their actions are inconsistent. There's heaps of info surrounding Bitcoin that could explain what's going on, but Apple's tumultuous relationship with Bitcoin apps makes for some interesting reading.

    The 12 Days of Gifts App from Apple offers exclusive deals on the iTunes Store as part of a 12 days of Christmas promotion. Although not all content will be available in all countries, the promo runs from December 26th to January 6.

    Andrew Cunningham at Ars Technica has written the Mavericks edition of the power user's guide to OS X Server, and it is seriously epic: I haven't had a chance to read it all myself, but it's about half as long as John Siracusa's review of Mavericks itself. Like I said, epic.

    Pinswift is a new Pinboard client for iOS that is designed for iOS 7 from the ground up. Not only that, but "Pinswift is the only iPhone app capable of performing a full-text search on bookmarks for users who are subscribed to Pinboard’s archival system, which saves a full copy of a webpage for future reference", according to MacStories. Gabe from MacDrifter also has a review.

    So get this: in a launch to rival even the launch of the iPad mini with Retina display, Microsoft has launched its own social network called Socl. The bad news is that it isn't very good, sort of a cross between Pininterest and Tumblr. But credit where credit is due: it's perhaps the first mobile-focused social network to launch with apps on all platforms simultaneously.

    Something I have to try is two way Lightroom sync with an iPad app called Mosaic, which lets me flag and rate my Lightroom catalog after a long day of shooting — all from my iPad. Not only that, but "pick out the good ones, reject the bad ones, and share your favorites to Twitter or Facebook."

    Just like you or I, Apple execs have their own routines. Jony Ive in particular, is an epic coffee snob, and his secret coffee ritual is secret no longer. And it's not really a secret if that's the way everyone makes their coffee — or wants to, at least.

    If you're migrating from multiple Macs to the one new machine and want to transfer stuff from your separate Time Machine backups, there's a little more to it than just letting the setup assistant do its thing. Christopher Breen at Macworld clarifies.
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