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    Scott Forstall is the man of many hats. Since leaving Apple we've heard very little about him, but he's reportedly been travelling, advising startups, and focusing on philanthropy. His travelling hat has taken him to places like South Africa and Italy, while his philanthropist hat has him focused on providing education and human rights.

    The former designer of Apple's Lightning connector is the one behind the design of the new Square reader, a credit card reader that enjoys popularity in the US and almost nowhere else. The new reader is thinner and offers a better card-swiping experience than its predecessor, and it's all thanks to Jesse Dorogusker, former head of the accessories division at Apple.

    Across the Tasman, New Zealand police are crediting a rollout of iPhones and iPads as the main factor in helping to reduce crime. Crime is down by 13%, and because officers spend less time with paperwork, they get more time to do the important stuff, like helping care for victims. So far, the New Zealand police has rolled out over 6,000 iPhones and almost 4,000 iPads.

    More than a million apps are available in the US App Store. There hasn't been an official announcement by Apple, but app discovery platform Appsfire counted every single one (a number that was later confirmed by AppShopper).

    A rumour says Spotify could allow free mobile streaming in the near future. Spotify already offers ad-supported streaming on the desktop, but on-demand mobile streaming is limited to Premium customers but a report from the Wall Street Journal says that might change in the near future.

    It's presented in my least favourite article type on the web, but Macworld has a few of the best iPad mini cases. There will be iPad minis under Christmas trees this season, and you know what the perfect companion for an iPad mini is? A good case, that's what.

    Every Apple fan should own an Apple TV, writes Craig Grannell. It's a little black box that just doesn't get enough love not only does it allow you to mirror your iOS device to your TV, but it also gives you fuss-free access to the iTunes Store, perhaps one of the largest content libraries anywhere.

    Federico Viticci of MacStories has a new perspective on some of his must-have iPad apps for 2013. He's a big fan of iOS automation, and believes in using the iPad for creation as well as consumption. His app recommendations and the way he uses them are worth reading.

    A forthcoming 1Password 4 update will bring password fields to saved logins like you can on the iOS version. There's improvements to the save or update password dialog box, and you also get a tonne of other bug fixes and improvements.

    Have you seen the new adjustable Glif from Studio Neat?
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