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    A new rumour claims Apple are investigating the possibility of a 12.9-inch iPad with a 2K or 4K display. According to the rumour, Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn has made several prototypes of a larger-screened iPad, both with extremely high-res displays. If the rumour turns out to be true, we could see a larger iPad by the middle of 2014.

    Apple's acquisitions this year have been summarised by the Wall Street Journal as maps, videos, and data, all of which either bolster the company's existing offerings or provide new avenues for growth. Interestingly, Apple CEO Tim Cook has previously gone on the record as saying Apple had purchased 15 companies, but the Wall Street Journal only managed to track down 10 of those.

    The price of Apple stock going up or down is nothing new, despite what you might hear on the internet. A short history lesson from Abdel Ibrahim gives us a little insight into the price of Apple stock recently, and shows us that fluctuations are perfectly normal.

    The latest iOS 7 adoption numbers from research firm Chitika reveal that iOS 7 adoption rates are surpassing those of its predecessor, iOS 7. Almost three quarters of currently active iOS devices are running iOS 7, and that's set to go up a little more before plateauing off if history is set to repeat itself.

    Target in the US accidentally sold an iPad pre-loaded with demo content to a customer, who promptly freaked out and called a news agency to report how her "new" iPad was pre-loaded with someone else's stuff. Well, yeah, because it was a demo model but all the apps on those usually have a disclaimer saying how the app has been created specifically for demonstration purposes. I'm not really sure why she felt the need to call her local news agency.

    Every now and again someone brings up the idea that Apple should relax at least some of the App Store rules. This time, Marco Tabini points out the recent TextExpander debacle as one reason why Apple should cut developers some slack, particularly when those developers are trying to further the usefulness of iOS by overcoming one of the platform's weaknesses.

    "There is no single unified Android codebase which is dominating the world. There is no single Android app store, there is no single Android ecosystem. What does exist is a vast array of different platforms and different ecosystem running this underlying kernel called Android." That's Ben Bajarin's take on Android, which he says is quickly eating the world. Whatever that means.

    Nick Heer from Pixel Envy has written about two weeks with the Retina iPad mini. It's his third iPad, but he seems to like it: "day to day use of the iPad Mini is sublime", he says. And even though the screen doesn't offer full sRGB coverage, you'll likely never notice unless you're looking for it.

    If Apple made the iPhone 5c case with the holes for the iPhone 5s, this is what it would look like. And to be honest, it doesn't look too bad. I've been using an STM Grip case on my own iPhone 5, and it's pretty similar to what the iPhone 5s "crocs" case would look like. I'm pretty sure someone would be able to manufacture the thing on a 3D printer, if they were so inclined.

    An iPhone concept titled Skew is a cutesy animated version of what iOS could have looked like if iOS 7 hadn't rolled around. I'm not exactly sure it has made me fall in love with skeuomorphism as The Verge claims, but it is pretty cute.
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