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    The latest patent granted to Apple describes a method for adding depth to iPhone photos via the capture of stereoscopic image data. It's a similar method used to give the 3D effect on the Nintendo 3DS console *it uses two separate images, combining them to produce a single stereoscopic image. Seems like an interesting application of the technology, for sure.

    Over in the States Apple has announced free shipping on all orders through December 22, as well as a set of delivery deadlines so you know when to expect your shipments. We already get free shipping in Australia so it's no big deal, but it's still worth pointing out the extended return period for Christmas-season purchases from the Online Apple Store anyway; "items purchased at the Apple Online Store that are received between November 1, 2013 and December 25, 2013, may be returned through January 7, 2014."

    Filemaker Pro 13 has been launched, and the headlining features are web access to databases as well as an improved set of iOS apps as well as better security and new design options for prettifying your databases. Pricing starts at US $329 for a new copy or US $179 for an upgrade.

    Realmac Software has introduced Ember, a free iOS app which acts as a companion app for Ember on the Mac. It uses iCloud syncing to keep your web clips and digital scrapbooks in sync. There's some bare-bones functionality built into the new Ember iOS app too, such as being able to tag the stuff you've collected, as well as a number of sharing options.

    Popular messaging app Whatsapp has been updated with a brand new design for iOS 7, which means that it now looks like every other app designed for iOS 7 with the predominantly white interface and blue-outlined iconography. The update also brings a few new features, such as broadcasts lists and shared locations.

    One app that has been updated with an iOS 7 design that doesn't have an all-white interface is PDF Expert 5. It's technically the successor to Readdle's excellent PDF Expert, but comes as a separate app; it means you'll have to pay again if you've already purchased PDF Expert in the past, but also means that you'll gain an improved file manager, better document viewer and sidebar, and more.

    The problem with Apple's Touch ID fingerprint sensor, writes Christina Bonnington at Wired, is that it doesn't always work as well as it should. Like Siri and a few other Apple efforts of late, it's a bit hit and miss sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Alas, such are the perils of adopting brand new technologies like Apple are dong.

    Over at ZDNet David Morgenstern has a run-down of fdsetup, the new command-line tool in Mavericks for managing FileVault 2 volumes. "Fdsetup in Mavericks adds the new ability to change, add and remove both personal and institutional recovery keys."

    IMore asks the question: will Apple ever bring back the black MacBook? While the soft-touch, almost matte-like surface of the black MacBook was pretty cool, I'd love to see an anodised aluminium version of the current MacBook Pros. Make it happen, Sir Jony Ive.

    CanOpener wants to be your music player of choice on iOS. I know that's a tall order, given that it's a $4 app replacing something that's free and already comes on your iPhone, but the thing is, CanOpener does something the default music app doesn't. No, it doesn't open cans, but it does improve sound quality using actual science.
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