• Tuesday Morning News

    For reasons known only to them, Apple has purchased social analytics company Topsy for a reported $200 million. It seems like an unusual purchase for Apple, seeing as they've never really been about the social aspect: their only foray into social media with Ping was, I think you'll agree, a complete disaster. That's why this purchase strikes everyone as odd.

    It's Cyber Monday in the US, and that means deals galore. Federico Viticci at MacStories has collected the best deals for your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

    In the battle of iOS productivity tools between iWork, Office 365, and Google Docs, there is no clear winner. But straight out of the gate, both iWork and Google Docs carry a distinct price advantage over the subscription-based Office 365. In the end, though, the fact that only Apple care about productivity on iOS means that they're the winners.

    Tablets might be an extremely lavish gift this holiday season, but the numbers don't lie: they're proving to be an incredibly popular item for Christmas shoppers, and stock of the iPad mini with Retina display is improving. Then again, maybe I just have the wrong kind of friends.

    9to5Mac thinks Apple could return to a single MacBook Pro range next year. As it is, there's not much separating the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro lineups at the moment *besides the Retina display, what else is there? If the MacBook Air line were upgraded with a Retina display, that would narrow the gap even more.

    Jim Dalrymple tells us about Pro Tools 11, a recording app he's been using for years. Stop me if you've heard this one before: "Avid took a bold step with the newest version by changing the plug-in format that third-party developers use for the app. While this caused some initial pain for the users, everything seems to be settling down now."

    Marco Arment doesn't recommend your apps use auto-renewable subscriptions, and the internet listens. It just seems as if the overall implementation of auto-renewing subscriptions seems less polished than it could be, and that leads to issues for developers and users.

    I'm glad TextExpander have sorted out their integration issues on iOS. Their new method of operation involves having a separate snippets on a per-app basis, rather than a centrally-synced, accessible-everywhere design. The new update should be live any day now, and there's a list on the TextExpander website of all the apps that support the new SDK.

    Forbes has the story on a former Apple executive who was looking for Sherlock Holmes. No, not Robert Downey, Jr, but the fictional character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Fascinating.

    According to TUAW, the Germanmade sleeve is the best MacBook sleeve money can buy. One to add to the shopping list for someone with a new MacBook Pro, perhaps.
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