• Amazon pokes fun at Ive in new Kindle ad

    Amazon has released a new ad for its Kindle Fire HDX 8.9, in which a noticeably British voice talks about the iPad Air, while an American one counters with claims about the Kindle. It’s widely believed the British voice is Amazon making fun of Apple’s most famous English employee, Sir Jonathan Ive.

    First, the iPad Air is held up and described as “magical” by the English accented voiceover. The Kindle is then waved at the camera with the accompanying voiceover telling us it has over a million more pixels than the iPad Air.

    Jony-Lite counters with the light weight of the Air, which is immediately squished by the Kindle spruiker pointing out that the Kindle is 20 percent lighter.

    The final thrust and parry is, of course, on price, with the iPad‘s US$499 being unfavourably compared to the Kindle’s US$379 price tag.

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