• Thursday Morning News

    There's a Space Grey version of the next-generation full-size iPad in the works, according to leaked images. The images show the back component of the Space Grey iPad, which sports a similar design to the iPad mini in that it has much thinner bezels on either side of the display. Grey is the new black, as they say.

    Apple are reportedly working with a company called Quanta Computer in order to produce a larger-sized iPad. This rumoured larger iPad could be up to 13 inches diagonally, bringing it up to the same dimensions as the largest MacBook Air or any base level MacBook Pro. Quanta Computer currently supplies MacBook Airs to Apple, so the rumour is plausible.

    Apple has announced the iOS 7 Tech Talks. Tech Talks are like mini-WWDCs that only go for a day *developers can choose to attend either the app development session or the game development one, and this time around, the Tech Talks are happening in six cities worldwide. The closest city for Australians is Shanghai, but Tech Talks are also happening in Tokyo, London, Berlin, New York, and San Francisco, with sessions in early October and November.

    IFixit has already taken apart the new iMacs, and while they're still quite involved to repair, the good news is that there's an empty slot for a PCIe SSD on both models. You probably won't be taking one apart yourself, but at least there's a slot free if you decide to go down the DIY Fusion Drive route.

    Even though the camera in the iPhone 5s saw only incremental updates, those upgrades add up to one extremely impressive camera. The camera is now faster and more responsive thanks to the improved processor in the iPhone 5s, and Apple seem to have nailed optics and low-light processing this time around.

    Whilst some camera features in iOS 7 need the camera found in the iPhone 5s, there's a lot of camera-focused features in iOS 7 that don't. The camera interface has been completely overhauled, and Macworld's list of the 10 best photography features in iOS 7 covers both stuff in the Camera app and Photos. An article on Tidbits covers similar points.

    Speaking of iPhone photography, Instagram has been updated to support the new look and feel of iOS 7. Photos viewed within the app are now edge-to-edge, profile pictures are now circular instead of square, and the grid view has been improved so that things look larger. Looking at the screenshots on their blog post, it's interesting they've gone to colour the main header in "feed" view (the first screenshot), but left it white in every other view (all other screenshots).

    More details about how Touch ID works and what part the Secure Enclave plays in the entire process have emerged, but the best thing is, regardless of how it works or what kind of trickery Apple are doing, even the guy that fooled Touch ID with a fake/recreated print still thinks it's awesome.

    Strava Run is the first app to use the new M7 motion coprocessor in the iPhone 5s, and the update is now available in the App Store. The two main benefits of the app are now being able to pause your runs, which gives you better feedback on your pacing when you stop running, and being able to more efficiently manage battery life the M7 now does all the hard work.

    And in case you were wondering, no, Apple didn't do a deal with EA in order to keep Plants vs Zombies 2 an iOS-exclusive title. A report previously said the deal was worth a large sum of money, but both EA and Apple have denied the incident, labelling it as an unfortunate misunderstanding.
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