• Wednesday Morning News

    Apple quietly updated the iMac lineup overnight via press release. The new iMacs now feature fourth-generation quad-core Haswell processors from Intel, 802.11ac wireless networking, and even faster graphics and flash storage. Prices are, give or take, about a $100 more expensive than previous generation models, which should make for some interesting pricing when the iPad and Mac Pro roll around.

    The build of materials for any device doesn't take into account the cost of research and development, marketing, and other expenses, but in terms of sheer hardware costs, they're usually pretty accurate. Somewhat unsurprisingly, the iPhone 5s costs around the same for Apple to build than the iPhone 5 cost a year ago, while the iPhone 5c is a little more efficient in the numbers game.

    Either everyone wants that fingerprint sensor, or the iPhone 5c just wasn't as popular as people predicted it would be, because 78% of iPhones sold globally are iPhone 5s devices. I mean, I know that gold was a pretty popular colour choice among people both here in Australia and abroad, but I still like the look and feel of the 5c. It's a great plastic.

    Apple has re-released the Apple TV 6.0 Software Update after it was removed for causing bricking and wireless issues with Apple TVs. Apple also details the new setup process that can be performed on your iOS device, as along as it's running iOS 7. But once you physically touch your iOS device to the Apple TV, you'll then be able to setup your Apple ID, Wi-Fi network, and more, all without using that tiny silver remote.

    The Loop has a review of the iRig Pro, an audio interface that connects to your iOS device or Mac by way of Lightning connection or to your Mac via USB. It's dead simple to use, and works well with both audio and MIDI devices. As a device that lets you connect your music equipment to your iOS device or Mac, it's pretty good.

    Apple are refunding users in the US who had purchased an iTunes Season Pass of the final season of Breaking Bad, after a class action lawsuit over users having to purchase another Season Pass for (second-half of the) "final" season. I didn't think this would affect Australian Breaking Bad fans, and according to our own forum thread on the topic, it doesn't. Australians not getting a refund like those in the US seems like a bit of a raw deal.

    Activation Lock in iOS 7 is some pretty serious business, and it's already had some praise from US prosecutors and the NYPD. So much so, in fact, that uniformed police officers are stopping people and asking them to upgrade to iOS 7. I wasn't aware device theft was such a big deal in the Big Apple, but apparently it is.

    It's almost the end of September, and if you were a MobileMe subscriber, that means that your complimentary iCloud storage is about to come to an end. Those of you enjoying an extra 20GB storage will soon either have to downgrade to a different storage tier or pony up the $42 annual fee to continue using that storage in the cloud.

    Menu bar utility Bartender has been updated for better Mavericks support as well as dynamic menu items, meaning it'll only show certain icons when something is happening (like a Time Machine backup, or the power cord is connected). Bartender is also currently on sale until the end of September for just US $10.

    Here's a slightly amusing one: Apple are now asking app developers to cite their sources of medical information. The days of submitting an app with information plagiarised from Wikipedia are now over, as Apple is seemingly cracking down on apps that contain medical information. Wouldn't want incorrect drug dosages or anything now, would we Apple?
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