• Tuesday Morning News

    Apple announced this morning that it sold over nine million iPhones over the weekend, setting a new record for the opening weekend of iPhone sales. MacStories has a graph that compares the nine million number to previous iPhone launches, and their graph tells the entire story: last year's iPhone 5 sold 5 million units in the same period, with the 4S selling 4 million units. Not to mention, over 200 million iOS devices have been updated to iOS 7 since its launch on Thursday last week.

    Of course, Apple doesn't differentiate between iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c sales, instead choosing to lump them together. Analytics company Localytics says that the iPhone 5s is roughly 3.5 times as popular as the iPhone 5c, at least with consumers in the US. In Japan, however, the iPhone 5c is almost 5 times as popular as the iPhone 5s.

    So-called "hackers" have claimed they can fool Apple's new Touch ID fingerprint sensor with a fake finger, but the process to do so is anything but easy. There's a bit of commotion on the internet about this, and most of it misses the point: it's not that it can be done, it's that it wasn't supposed to be possible with the hi-tech fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5s. Either way, it's pretty unlikely you'll be doing the same thing any time soon.

    Apple did release the 6.0 update for the Apple TV over the weekend which brought iTunes Radio and improvements to AirPlay, but it seems it has pulled the update after reports of bricked devices. The update is still available for separate download from Apple's website, but checking for updates on the Apple TV itself reveals no new updates.

    Also on the list of pulled releases this morning is BlackBerry Messenger for iOS, which was released but then pulled thanks to server issues. A leaked version of the as-yet unreleased Android client for BBM was released which likely contributed to the security and operational issues described in their press release, but those that managed to grab it before it was pulled should still be able to chat with all their BBM using friends.

    Apple has topped something called the American Consumer Satisfaction Index for the past 10 years, and its scores are consistently higher than the industry average. Both the iPad and Mac are included in the "PC" category, but even still Apple just scores all the points with consumers, you know?

    Over in Portland, Marco Arment just unveiled what he's been working on. It's called Overcast, and no, it's not a weather app that will be more or less useless to Australians. Instead, Overcast is going to be a podcast client for iOS Arment said that although he liked some podcast apps, he didn't love any of them so he's making his own.

    With iOS 7, Apple has upped the limit of mobile downloads to 100MB. Now you'll be able to download podcasts, apps, and other kinds of media on your cellular connection as long as they fit under the 100MB cap. The previous limit was 50MB, but this new limit should mean you can download more stuff without hitting that ceiling.

    Interestingly, there's a trick to get Touch ID to recognise more than five fingers. It turns out that you can register more than one finger into every slot, meaning that you could, in theory, register all your fingers and thumbs into the one slot. It's unknown whether this is a feature or a bug, but it does work.

    Oh, and in case you haven't already seen them: Apple released two new ads over the weekend. Both are variants on the same theme, but Greetings One and Too (sic) for the iPhone 5c are pretty cute.
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