• Friday Morning News

    An Australian group called iExperts has beaten iFixit to the punch and posted tear-down photos of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c before iFixit has. While their post isn't laid out as well as an iFixit post normally would be (nor filled with the same funny puns and GIFs), it's still more than enough to see the design of the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 5c are all very similar.

    It wouldn't be too far too the mark to say that Jony Ive has influenced a lot of design at Apple, including the recent release of iOS 7 and the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. USA Today has profiled Sir Jonathan Ive, who tells the story about how it feels like they've just begun designing products with "incredible sophistication and capability". Craig Federighi also chimes in, and it's isn't until you start reading about the culture of Apple that you really start to understand what it's all about.

    Apple has launched a new category in the App Store called "Kids" that should make things easier for parents to find educational and fun apps for their children. Like the Games category, the Kids category is divided into sub-categories for apps by age ranges and unlike the Games category, it's the first category that is curated by App Store editors.

    A bunch of apps have been updated for iOS 7, and somewhat surprisingly, there aren't as many apps that are just new coats of paint as I thought there would be. Instead, lots of apps now have upgraded functionality: Instapaper has new algorithmic-based sorting options, for example, and many apps are sporting new interaction methods that show off the physicality and dimensionality of iOS 7.

    Clear is one of the apps that sits squarely on the updated and improved side of the fence, and the team at Realmac Software have done a lot of work to make Clear work on the iPad. Clear for iOS 7 is a brand new, universal app that brings Clear to all iOS 7 devices, with the same great features that make Clear one of the best list-based apps out there.

    TextExpander, however, didn't fare as well. A technical change to how iOS 7 handles the universal pasteboard means that apps which aren't updated to use the new TextExpander SDK won't work in iOS 7 essentially Apple how the game was played. But that's alright, because Smile Software came up with a new idea: use an old Reminder for your Text Expander snippets.

    A few cool new settings in iOS 7 you probably haven't seen before: there's Dynamic Type, for adjusting font sizes in apps that support it, frequent locations, for stalking where you are, blocked callers, and, better Do Not Disturb settings.

    It was completely drowned out by the release of iOS 7 and new apps, but Apple released iTunes 11.1 yesterday. Perhaps the biggest thing in the newest version of iTunes is iTunes Radio, which is only available to those of you with a US iTunes Store account and like everything Apple, iTunes Radio is far from complicated and integrates nicely into iTunes on the desktop and Music on your iOS 7 device.

    There's a bug in iOS 7 that lets you hide a single app or an entire folder of apps (or perhaps, slightly more accurately, trick the home screen into hiding that folder for you), and this video on YouTube shows you how.

    Of course, this being the internet and all, the first thing someone did with their shiny new iPhone 5s was see if their cat's paw print worked as a valid "fingerprint" for Touch ID. No spoilers, so jump over to TechCrunch and see if it did. Now, go out and enjoy your new iPhones, you crazy kids.
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