• Thursday Morning News

    Like John Gruber, I have no idea how anyone is getting any work done today, between the public release of iOS 7 and umpteen different app updates. Yes, iOS 7 has been released to the public (it hit around 3am last night), and you'll notice change pretty much everywhere in Apple's latest mobile operating system. Ars Technica has put together a gallery of before and after pics to show you what's different.

    Over at MacStories, Federico Viticci has a post on living with iOS 7 that really drives home how many aspects of iOS 7 improve the overall user experience. Sure, it'll feel wild and unfamiliar at first, but overtime you'll grow to love the dimensionality, interactivity, and how clean it all looks and feels.

    And if you're more the type for a traditional review rather than a piece about how iOS 7 improves the iPhone and iPad experience, then Rene Ritchie over at iMore has a review loaded with plenty of screenshots to illustrate the differences and new interfaces of Apple's freshest. Not liking iOS 7, at least at first, is pretty normal, but there's cool new features like Control Center and the fact you can now put Newsstand in a folder to get excited about, and heaps, heaps more besides.

    Once you've finished having a play with the new shiny, there's a bunch of tips and tricks you have to know about. Both MacStories and The Verge have put together posts on a few of the finer details in iOS 7, such as the new swipe-towards-the-left to reveal message timestamps in Messages, or the swipe down to reveal Spotlight on the iOS 7 home screen.

    Alongside iOS 7, you'll also see a plethora of app updates today, making them compatible with iOS 7 and, most of the time, introducing a new UI that fits in with the rest of iOS. Apple kicked off the update bonanza with their own apps which received updates of their own, and it pretty much snowballed from there; check your own App Store for a list of all the apps that have been updated.

    Plus, there's also a designed for iOS 7 section in the App Store if you're looking for new apps that are designed for iOS 7 right off the bat *and remember, these apps are the culmination of months of hard work from developers, so the last you can do is leave a positive review if you like the app.

    And if you wanted even more iOS 7-ready apps, there's a Tumblr blog and before and after comparison screenshots of third-party apps you should check out. The Made for iOS 7 Tumblr shows off some really nice redesigns of apps, and the before and after really shows off the new design language featured almost everywhere in iOS 7.

    Not to steal the thunder from iOS 7 or anything, but in case you had forgotten, the iPhone 5s and 5c are launching tomorrow. There's great reviews from The Loop's Jim Dalrymple and Daring Fireball's John Gruber that you should be reading, and Gruber is particularly enamoured by his pink iPhone 5c *even if it wouldn't have been the colour he would have chosen for himself.

    Anandtech also has a few great reviews of both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Anand dives deep on the A7 SoC and finds the CPU performance in the iPhone 5s to be incredible in terms of sheer performance, but he also includes how 64-bit will affect things later down the track.

    Finally this morning, just in case there wasn't enough blur in iOS 7, Blrrr has you covered for some colourful new wallpapers. More than ever, iOS 7 leverages your wallpaper to personalise your device you see through to the wallpaper in the phone dialler, and it's there inducing motion sickness whenever you tilt your phone around on the home screen.
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