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    Every "s" iteration of the iPhone has brought camera improvements to the product, and the iPhone 5s is no different. A photographer's take on the iPhone 5s camera breaks these improvements down. The sensor has bigger pixels to absorb more light, a faster processor with dynamic tone maps, true tone flash for natural-looking images, auto image stabilisation, and finally, slow-motion video footage.

    Police in NSW have started carrying iPad minis loaded with a custom app in a four week trial of how the system does in the real world. The Mobile Notices app, developed by Australian company Gridstone, ties into the centralised COPS database and lets officers issue tickets and perform vehicle license lookups all while the location, time, and any additional photos are captured. It's the kind of thing you might imagine a tablet would be used for, but wasn't until now.

    Amount is a simple calculator that also doubles as a unit converter. Or wait, is that a unit converted that also doubles as a calculator? Whatever, it's a unit conversion app that sports an iOS 7-ready design, with edge-to-edge content and a generous helping of a flatter interface. The only thing wrong about it is that it costs just 99c in the App Store.

    Apple has invited developers to submit 64-bit apps to the App Store, in preparation for the launch of the iPhone 5s. Developers who wish to continue supporting iOS 6 apps in the interim will only be able to submit 32-bit apps, with Apple planning for 32 and 64-bit binaries to be uploaded within the next month.

    Just in case you were thinking of using a 3D printer to print your own custom, bespoke iPhone 5c or 5s case, Apple has updated their schematics for the iPhone 5s and 5c designs. They're designed for case manufacturers to get accurate dimensions on the devices before they're released to the public, but you can also have a glance if you're into that sort of thing.

    You're probably wondering how Apple are going to show off the much-touted Touch ID feature in-store. Obviously Apple wouldn't want anyone locking the demo iPhone with their fingerprint and walking away, so there will be a demo app that lets a user verify their fingerprint. It won't show off what Touch ID can actually do, but it's the next best thing.

    DaisyDisk 3 is a free update to the best disk-usage analysis app out there. It's now completely optimised for Retina displays, works in 64-bit mode for extra speed on Lion and up, and even has a new icon. But App Store sandboxing has, once again, crippled what used to be an even better app DaisyDisk can't scan your hard drives as it once did, requiring a little more user interaction on your part.

    Microsoft realised their iPhone parody ads were painfully unfunny, and that's exactly what they've admitted to. They've since pulled the ads, but a best-of of the ill-fated "A fly on the wall in Cupertino" series of ads is over at The Verge.

    Hey, listen Panic's Transmit is 15 years old. It's the hands-down best FTP app for Mac that has supports almost every other file-transfer protocol around, and for the next 24 hours or so, it's on sale for 50% off the usual price. Yeah, you heard that right the best FTP app on the Mac is just $17.

    You're probably playing GTA V now, or know someone who is. And honestly, I don't blame you I only wrote the news this morning because my copy was still downloading from the PlayStation Store. But like many games of late, there's a companion iOS app waiting for some hands-on time you know, in between assaulting people on the street, or whatever you do in GTA these days.
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