• EndWar is back as a free-to-play browser game

    Ubisoft is reviving Tom Clancy's EndWar as a free-to-play browser-based game powered by advanced Flash.
    EndWar Online is currently in development for Windows PC and Mac, following the 2008 RTS game that was also released on consoles. Ubisoft told MMGN that the five-year delay was a result of the console-based EndWar struggling to maintain the high number of players the game demands.
    Free-to-play and a more focused PC audience should solve that.
    Set 10 years after the end of World War III, EndWar Online presents a series of single-player missions and multiplayer versus matches and the Eiffel Tower is ruined.
    MMGN went hands-on with EndWar Online earlier today. Keep an eye out for our thoughts next week.
    This article originally appeared on MMGN.
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