• Monday Morning News

    Analyst Ming Chi-Kuo is back with the news that next year's iPhone will have a 4.5-5 inch display. We haven't even seen what Apple will be unveiling this year, but there are indications that point towards a larger-screened iPhone. Apple hasn't been known to revise iPhone designs in-between models, so it'l be interesting to see what they reveal on Wednesday.

    Coming back to the here and the now for a second, it's predicted this year's iPhone launch will be a big one. No new form factor or larger display to drive sales, but with new carriers from China and Japan now on-board and starting to sell iPhones, that's a possible 38 million extra sales. China Mobile from China and NTT DoCoMo from Japan are the new carriers, and both of them are the largest telcos for their countries.

    A set of photos have been leaked that apparently shows off the packaging of the new iPhone 5S, and unlike previous iPhone cases, there's a strange grey circle around the home button. This new silver ring might be the fingerprint reader evidence we've all been looking for, and if the box art is anything to go by, it looks as if the iPhone 5S will launch with iOS 7.

    A crazy patent from Apple details how they'd integrate a fingerprint sensor and NFC right into the home button. The patent, unveiled by Patently Apple, describes a home button that doubles as a fingerprint sensor, as well as tripling as a NFC sensor. It's an extremely intriguing patent, if only for the reason that Phil Schiller himself said that NFC wasn't the solution to any current problem.

    Fuelling the fingerprint sensor fire, Craig Hockenberry has his own thoughts on how the fingerprint sensor will be used by Apple. The easy speculation says it could be used in lieu of passcodes to unlock the iPhone, but what about protecting access to apps, or as a means of identifying users in the case of multiple accounts?

    If I asked you what the biggest issue facing the App Store was, what would you say? Sandboxing might be the biggest issue on the Mac App Store, but when you consider both App Stores, there's only one issue that comes to mind: upgrade pricing, or more precisely, the lack thereof. It's becoming a big issue, and it's time for a pricing revolution.

    Apple's own solution to upgrade pricing is to sell a completely new version of the app. That might be fine for you and I who keep up to date with the latest Mac apps and news, but what about Average Joe, who has no idea about the new app and doesn't want to pay the full price again? To be fair, App Store pricing has been a problem ever since the iOS App Store, but it's exacerbated by the Mac App Store and being able to buy apps directly from developers, like Omni Group.

    There's another issue here, too. Justin Williams says that the tired arguments of trials and upgrade pricing aren't anything new, and that if you're expecting Apple to turn around and implement either because a few developers complain every now and again, you're wrong. And I can see where he's coming from: seen from Apple's perspective, the App Store is doing just fine.

    You would have to be absolutely insane to already be in line for a product Apple hasn't even announced yet, but there you go: there are people lined up outside Apple's Fifth Avenue store in New York a full four days before the event. Absolute insanity.

    I know this upcoming event isn't Apple's usual media event, but this might be the year we say goodbye to the iPod classic. It's a product that has remained stagnant for a number of years now, but an article from Wired says this could be end of the line for one of Apple's most respected products.

    I've been really enjoying Kerbal Space Program on Mac and PC lately, but those looking for an iOS equivalent need to look no further: Simple Rockets is a 2D version of the same thing. Start your rockets and start exploring the Smolar System today!

    OK, confession time: even though I've visited a few Apple Stores, I've never actually been to the Genius Bar, at least not for any legitimate reason. I imagine your typical Genius is a lot like Izzy, though, complete with oversized glasses.
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