• Apple to discontinue the 32 and 64GB iPhone 5s?

    Apparently corroborating the belief that the 32 and 64GB iPhone 5s are headed for obscurity, Vodafone Germany has circulated an internal email stating that these models, in both black and white, are about to be discontinued.

    The email is similar to the leak from Canadian carrier Telus pointing to the demise of the higher end iPhone 5 models.

    This latest information from the German carrier indicates the same thing – suggesting that, after the 10 September media event and expected launch of the new iPhone 5S and lower priced 5C, the range will consist of the premium iPhone 5S, a low-cost iPhone 5C and the 16GB iPhone 5.

    It is still unclear as to where the iPhone 5C will sit in terms of price. MacRumors has some theories. “Estimates have suggested that the iPhone 5C will retail for US$400 to US$500 off-contract, and it is likely that the iPhone 5 would have a similar price tag. The iPhone 4S, though, could be priced below the iPhone 5C if it remains in Apple’s product lineup,” says the website.
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