• Step by step: Revive images with Snapheal Pro

    Who doesn’t have photos that need a little love? Maybe you’d like to remove an object, shadow or person from the background or brighten a dull picture from the last family holiday?

    Released yesterday, the upgraded version MacPhun Software’s popular image-healing Snapheal app, Snapheal Pro will bring joy to your problem photos.

    Snapheal Pro features a clean layout, with which even those unfamiliar with image-editors will come to terms in minutes.

    Users can fix damaged photos, erase unwanted objects and heal skin blemishes with the Erase tool and enhance images with the aid of the Retouch and Adjust tools. The latter two offer users the ability to alter exposure, sharpening, toning, clarity, noise reduction, saturation and colour tone settings.

    For those already familiar with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom or Apple’s Aperture, Snapheal Pro can also work as a specialised healing plug-in.

    Here’s how to quickly improve your images with Snapheal Pro.

    Vital info

    Device: Mac

    Difficulty: Beginner

    Time required: 5 minutes

    What you need: Snapheal Pro (US$39.99; US$19.95 upgrade) OS X 10.7 or later

    Open it up. Start by downloading Snapheal Pro from MacPhun and installing it. Once you open the app, you are given a short tutorial on what the software can achieve. Tap Continue. The next window is where you begin. You can either drag and drop an image into the program or select Load/Import Image, and choose your image from the pop-up window.

    Examine the changes. After the image has loaded, use the zoom tools at the top of the toolbar to spot imperfections. To remove objects or skin blemishes, select the Erase tab, choose either the paintbrush or lasso tool and highlight the section you wish to remove. When everything is highlighted, select Erase!

    Section by section. If you are happy with the results, head to the Retouch tab to enhance individual aspects of the image. Again, highlight the sections you wish to alter and use the sliders to boost or diminish aspects of the image. You can refine the brush settings and view or remove the current mask from the right-hand toolbar. Looks good? Select Apply. If not, hit Reset.

    All at once. While the Retouch tab allows you to alter specific sections of the image, the Adjust tab works with the whole image. Use the sliders to alter exposure, sharpening, toning, clarity, noise reduction, saturation and colour tone settings to make the image more dynamic.

    Where you came from. Select the before and after button in the top toolbar to see the original image next to the edited version. To quickly switch between the two images, press the eye-shaped button on the left of the before and after button.

    Sharing is caring. Can’t wait to show off the new image? There are a number of ways to give the image the publicity it deserves. Snapheal Pro allows you to save the image to your computer, print or share via email. You can also send the image to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr.
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