• Thursday Morning News

    There's something significant about Apple holding a separate media event in China on September 11, the day after their event in Cupertino where it's expected they'll announce new iPhone hardware as well as general availability of iOS 7. There's a special event slated to happen in Beijing, and, correct me if I'm wrong, it will be the first time Apple has ever held a product announcement outside of the US.

    Apple beefed up the iPad power supply in order to charge the mammoth battery inside the 3rd and 4th generation iPads, and that 12W power adapter is the biggest one currently available. However, there's speculation that am upcoming 17W power supply will be used to power something bigger than the current iPad, but less power-hungry than the MacBook Air. The smart money is on something like an even larger iPad, which would be somewhere in the 13-inch vicinity.

    The redesigned iPad will take the smaller side bezels of the iPad mini and pair it with the larger display of the full-size iPad, and the result looks like a bigger iPad mini rather than anything else. I wonder if removing the bezels will have any impact on usability: where else can you rest your fingers when you're holding the device? Unlike the iPad mini, the full-size iPad is a lot more unwieldy.

    Apple has received shipments for "set top boxes", which could mean anything from a redesigned Apple TV to something else entirely. The parts from one Chinese manufacturer expanded that claim to "set top boxes with communication function", which more or less describes the Apple TV.

    Hot on the heels of its competitor Parallels, VMware has released VMware Fusion 6, now with support for Mavericks and optimised for Windows 8.1 virtual machines. VMware also launched Fusion 5 Professional, a version of the virtualisation software aimed at enterprise environments. Both Fusion 6 and Fusion 6 Professional are available right now.

    Jawbone has introduced the Mini Jambox, a smaller version of its Jambox and Big Jambox products. The new Mini Jambox is about the same size as the normal-sized Jambox, but about half the thickness, and is up for preorder from the Jambox website for around $180.

    Apple has seeded Mavericks Developer Preview 7 to developers. 9to5Mac has the full release notes, and it looks like this is another bug fix release leading up to the official launch (which can't be too far away now, surely). Apple has also released a new build of Mountain Lion 10.8.5, with no known issues.

    There's a new Star Wars game on the App Store, but hold your horses. Star Wars Force Collection is a cross between Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering, as it's a card-collecting game that also lets you battle the cards you've collected. It's free with in-app purchases.

    Remember the days when apps snuck onto the App Store to secretly enable tethering? And everyone in Australia didn't care because our carriers aren't actually too bad? Well, it looks as if tethering apps are out. What's in this time of year is SNES emulators, and the latest is Remote File Manager.

    Google recently botched up a release of their Authenticator for iOS app, which wiped all on-board data once you used it. The app promised iPhone 5 support and bug fixes, but all we got was a lot of angry users who were wondering why their accounts had been removed. The update has since been pulled.
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