• Wednesday Morning News

    Just like that, Apple's rumoured September 10th event is rumoured no more. Apple has confirmed the event overnight, sending out invites to an even that "should brighten everyone's day". The event is expected to be purely about new iPhones and iOS 7 iPads miss out this time around, but I'm sure they'll get their own event a little later on.

    Shipments of new iPhones have already begun to land stateside, and if true, the transparent iPhone 5C packaging showing off the colour-matched wallpaper is a little strange. No previous iPhone has had transparent casing, but you know what has? The iPod touch. Combined with the colour-matched backgrounds of the new iPod nanos, the new packaging seems like a strange decision for a product that hasn't traditionally been shown off on shelves.

    A leaked photo strongly suggests there will be something different about the home button of the next iPhone, as the design of the home button and flex cable is unlike any other home button we've seen before. There's additional components and a much longer connecting cable, which could very well be the evidence of a fingerprint sensor we've been looking for.

    Spotify has announced Spotify Connect, a partnership with hardware manufacturers to make hardware compatible with an iOS-to-speaker music streaming similar to Apple's AirPlay. It's curious Spotify didn't simply choose leverage Apple's existing AirPlay functionality, but I guess that would have meant platform lock-in. This way, they keep Android-users happy, too even if Spotify Connect is launching on iOS first.

    There's an interesting article over at Ars which dives deep into the world of App Store clones apps that might look like and work like the original, but aren't otherwise affiliated. With App Store search as it is (i.e. bad), there's no telling how damaging these kinds of apps can be to your average developer, never mind a two-man indie.

    Apple has been awarded a patent that details methods for using gestures to recognise what apps and services a user can access on any particular device. The idea is that the system would determine the correct access mode for a user based on gestures performed by the user, perhaps the precursor to multi-user iOS devices.

    Apple has updated a few of its official iOS apps, starting with the iLife suite: iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand. The update notes say the update improves compatibility and stability, but we all know that they're just there to introduce compatibility with iOS 7.

    Push email doesn't work for iCloud users in Germany thanks to an injunction from February 2012, but the original decision has been successfully appealed by Apple. It's entirely possible iCloud users in Germany will soon be able to enjoy push notifications from iCloud email, just like the rest of us.

    Today, Fast Company kicks off a great series on Apple design. The first part is an oral history of Apple design, set in 1992, when Apple first hired Jonathan Ive. Apple's products at the time weren't all that awe-inspiring, but products such as the eMate showed they had the ideas. And maybe the Quadra was the precursor to many beige boxes to come, both from Apple and PC manufacturers.

    In a strange twist of events, Macworld set out to build a machine that can run OS X faster than a Mac Pro. Using off-the-shelf PC components, they were able to successfully build a computer that performed the same tasks faster under the same OS. That's not saying there weren't a few hurdles along the way, but the results speak for themselves.
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