• Tuesday Morning News

    The commentary surrounding Nintendo's 2DS is especially fascinating, not only because almost everyone believes Nintendo should give up their hardware and just focus on making great games for a variety of platforms, but also because of the similarities people see between Apple and Nintendo. John Gruber pans the lower-spec hardware, and as a member of the PC Master Race I know what he's talking about, but when has great gameplay been about better graphics, or capacitive touchscreens?

    There must be some kind of Apple TV SDK floating around, because we've already seen Vevo, The Weather Channel, and a few Disney channels appear on the Apple TV. Now we're hearing rumours of another channel from Disney, which is rumoured to be a dedicated Star Wars channel. Still nothing from Australian content providers, but they're probably all too busy with their own catchup services.

    Perhaps Apple are saving the Apple TV SDK announcement until they release this iTV, because word is Apple are rumoured to have partnered with Foxconn, Corning, and Innolux as hardware partners for an iTV launch in 2014. And before you ask, yes, this is the actual television set that's been rumoured before.

    At least one blogger thinks that Apple's iWatch might actually be a TV, instead of something you wear on your wrist. I almost can't believe how it's been staring us in the face all this time; we've all been so caught up in the whole wearable aspect that we've been missing the fact that iWatch could represent the name of Apple's upcoming TV set. Apple could well be working on a wearable computer, too, but maybe the iWatch is actually a TV.

    MacRumors has compiled everything they know about the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and iWatch (the wearable) into one place. It's a good way to get caught up with the rumours so far, and a quick glance will tell you anything that you might have missed or glossed over.

    People often ask me why their apps start up when boot up their computer, and I usually tell them to go check their login items in System Preferences. But just in case there's nothing out of the ordinary there, there's a few other places you can check when stuff is starting up when you don't want it to.

    Smartphones, smartwatches, and now, smart dice. Dice+ is designed for playing with digital (board) games, and they use Bluetooth to communicate with your iOS device. The range of games that support Dice+ right now is pretty small, but I can totally see people throwing real dice to play a virtual game of craps in the future.

    AirDrop might be on its way in iOS 7, but a curious omission from Apple means it won't be compatible with the OS X version of the same thing. Enter DeskConnect, an app which lets you send files from your desktop to your iOS device and supporting devices as old as the 3GS. Install the OS X part from the Mac App Store, grab the iOS client from the App Store, and away you go.

    The Verge asks whether VSCO Cam is the next Instagram, and as much as I enjoy the effects VSCO Cam puts on your photos, it's not exactly a social network like Instagram turned out to be. There's more to Instagram than just filters it's about sharing photos (and video), and until VSCO Cam does that, it probably won't be the next Instagram. No matter how better its filters are.

    A neat trick next time you're in need of a bottle opener and have nothing but an iPhone or iPad USB power adapter to your name. I haven't tried it out personally, but just make sure you don't get it all wet as well know, electronics and liquid don't mix.
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