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    Both the gold and graphite shells of the upcoming iPhone 5S have been shown on video, including a comparison with their iPhone 5 counterparts. True to Apple's previous "S" iteration, the changes between the generations are mostly minor: the purported 5S casings have a slightly expanded battery area, as well as a few screw locations which have been moved around.

    Apple are reportedly preventing holidays of their support staff from the 15-28th of September, which goes a long way towards suggesting possible launch dates for iOS 7 and new iPhones. It's widely expected Apple will announce the new products at an event on September 10th, and the 15-28th is prime time for general availability.

    Australia's 21st Apple Retail Store is set to be the long-awaited MacArthur Chambers store in Brisbane, where a modified set of construction drawings and blueprints has all but confirmed the store is a "go". This particular Apple Store has been a long time coming: it's been two years since the original plans were filed, and since then, construction delays, bankruptcies, and historic building status have conspired against the idea of an Apple Store in the Brisbane CBD.

    Apple are launching AppleCare+ in many European countries including the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, and Switzerland. AppleCare+ is Apple's premier AppleCare offering for the iPhone and iPad, including the usual AppleCare perks and additionally covering the device for up to two instances of accidental damage. It's previously only been available in the US but with the imminent launch of AppleCare+ in Europe, here's hoping it'll reach our shores soon.

    Apple has been sued over Find my iPhone, but it looks as though this is just another example of a patent troll targeting Apple, hoping for a big payday. The patent Apple have allegedly infringed upon describes a method for "locating personnel and objects in response to telephone inquiries", which is only vaguely similar to what Find my iPhone does.

    But for every hundred lawsuits from patent trolls, there's one or two that Apple are found to be guilty of patent infringement. One such lawsuit is the case of VirnetX versus Apple, which has now had such consequences that Apple are now logging hundreds of thousands of complaints and all because FaceTime now uses relay servers instead of direct communication between two FaceTime users, an action that now costs Apple around $2.4 million a month to run.

    I wouldn't go so far as to say patents are bad, per se, but maybe New Zealand are doing the right thing by abolishing software patents. Too often, patents are used for bad more than good, such as in the case of Pogo. Pogo is like MagSafe for your headphones, but will likely only exist in concept form thanks to possible patent infringement.

    As good as it is, I've always been apprehensive about buying from the Mac App Store. It's not that I'm afraid of platform lock-in (I am, after all, buying Mac software), but because of issues like sandboxing and upgrades, both of which can prevent me from getting the most out of the software I've paid for. Upgrading is the Mac App Store's achilles heel.

    IOS 7 introduces a plethora of new design ideas, but are we set to return to apps that only use Apple's standard UI elements? It'll be interesting to see which of the iOS 7-ready apps at launch will fit in, and which ones will stand out.

    Doctape is a new iOS app that is basically the Finder replacement you've been looking for. It has support for over 80 file types, and can be used independently of any other app or service. The idea is that you can convert files from other cloud services for viewing on your iPhone, and from what I've read, it works pretty well.

    Peter Cohen from iMore says that using your iPad with a keyboard feels wrong, like attaching a sail to your car. You can see where he's coming from: although the typing on glass experience isn't perfect, the idea is that the iPad is futuristic portable computer, not something you anchor down to a desk. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't give up my mechanical keyboard for typing any day of the week.

    And finally this morning, I present to you the only difference between OS X and Windows.
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