• Thursday Morning News

    A rumour popped up overnight about how Apple was going to introduce new iPads at their (also rumoured) September 10 event, but like many rumours in the Apple blogosphere, it was quickly shot down. An article from Bloomberg mentioned iPads at the September 10 event, but those references to Apple's tablet are now missing in action. Also, Jim Daymryple has "nope"-d that one back to where it came from.

    Apple has acquired a Swedish tech company called AlgoTrim, who work on mobile media and data compression. AlgoTrim sounds like they do similar work to Onavo, who use their own servers to compress data before it is sent to your iOS device. TechCrunch speculates that their particular acquisition will enable Apple to deliver high-quality multimedia to mobile devices whilst preserving quality.

    Apple are trying to trademark the term "STARTUP" in Australia, for some bizarre reason. The trademark application is brand new and hasn't been seen by any IP examiner just yet, but if accepted, would mean that Apple own usage of the term in a variety of different retail, computing, mobile, and educational contexts.

    Not much is known about Apple's upcoming A7 chip. But to know more about what kind of performance improvements the A7 will bring, we need to look at Apple's previous endeavours in their SoC journey. A 31% performance increase over the previous generation seems strange when you consider how previous generations had their performance doubled with a new generation either the numbers just don't add up, or Apple are doing something different.

    A security flaw that affects both iOS and Android devices means that these two mobile platforms don't obey the same-origin security policy, something that prevents sites from accessing or storing credentials on behalf of other websites. It means that, if exploited, it's possible for malicious apps to steal your sensitive information, including data and login credentials.

    Australia now has 20 Apple Stores, and in terms of residents per store, that puts us on par with the US. A chart on ifoAppleStore breaks it down: Australia's 20 Apple Stores gives us the same number of residents per store (in millions, I assume) with the US, who have a whopping 252 Apple Stores. We're even ahead of Canada and UK in this regard but the chart illustrates it's unlikely Apple will be opening up many more Apple Stores in the future here. Perhaps the long-awaited MacArthur Chambers store in Queensland will be number 21.

    Metro: Last Light is coming to the Mac, and that's an incredibly good thing for Mac gamers. Strangely, the original was never made available on the Mac, so there might be some disconnect for those jumping straight in as Last Light follows on directly from the original game, but hey 4A Games will be releasing upcoming DLC on both platforms simultaneously.

    PlexConnect is pretty great (NSFW language), but the recent Apple TV update that added one new channel for Australians broke it. Thankfully, there's already a workaround courtesy of one developer. His fixes have already been incorporated into the PlexConnect source, so all you have to do is update your PlexConnect install and you should be good to go.

    Marco Arment says the new Spingboard animations in iOS 7 are too slow, and I'm inclined to agree. The animation was cool the first time, the second time, and even the eighth time, but when I've seen them for the umpteenth time they just slow me down.

    Gone are the days of raves and whatever the youths of today get up to, because an Apple patent describing a silent disco that synchronises music playback across multiple devices means you'll be able to enjoy your music by yourself, but surrounded by other people.
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