• Wednesday Morning News

    Apple has added new channels to the Apple TV overnight, with Vevo, The Weather Channel, The Smithsonian, as well as two Disney channels, Disney Channel and Disney XD. Seeing as many of the new channels are decidedly US-specific, it's entirely possible Vevo is the only new channel available to Australians but it does beg the question, surely the Apple TV app store can't be too far away? I mean, Vevo and the others had to develop their channels somehow, right?

    Meanwhile, this has spurred renewed interest in Apple's upcoming television, if they ever decide to make such a thing. The rumours say Apple could announce something as early as November, and Macworld's imagining a next-generation Apple TV points to a few ideas that could make Apple a big player in the lounge room.

    9to5Mac has the details on how the iPhone trade-in program, slated to roll out to Apple Stores in September, will work. The Reuse and Recycle program gives customers an Apple Store gift voucher for their old iPhone, which can then be redeemed for an on-contract, activated-in-store iPhone. Ars Technica reports the trade-in price is markedly lower than what you might get by selling your iPhone elsewhere, but there's a certain convenience factor that makes it a tempting option. No word on whether this trade-in program will make it to our shores come September, but we'll keep our ears to the ground.

    Apple has launched a more intuitive AppleCare website, with even more options for getting help and support for Apple products. The updated website now has a simplified interface to streamline getting help about specific issues, and there's even a 24/7 live chat service so you can talk to someone about why your printer doesn't work. At 2 AM.

    A leaked email from Nuance claims the iOS 7 Gold Master will be released September 10, the same date that Apple is expected to launch the new iPhone hardware and whatever else they have waiting in the wings. If true, it means there's very little time left for developers to submit their apps and being on the App Store with an iOS 7-ready app on day one is going to be a big thing.

    In the continuing Apple versus the US Department of Justice case, Apple has now accused the DoJ of wanting Amazon to have a significant competitive advantage. It's easy to see where Apple are coming from: why does the DoJ have such an interest in eBooks, for one? And for another, why is it seeking such a harsh punitive action against Apple?

    Instagram is now straightening photos via the iPhone's accelerometer and gyroscope, putting together the raw data to figure out how much to straighten photos by. It's a good read if you're into the nitty-gritty of how that stuff works.

    Logic Pro X is the choice for anyone producing podcasts, says Jason Snell. Improvements across the board in Logic Pro X mean that it's just more suited to the task, even though it's not designed especially with podcast editing in mind. In any case, it's definitely a step up from GarageBand.

    Neven Mrgan has released a new app, and Blackbar a very intelligent text-puzzler that will keep you on your toes. It's a cross between a text adventure and interactive fiction, and it's very cool (as is the teaser GIF). $2.99 on the App Store (link opens iTunes).

    It's said the iPhone could disrupt the lingerie industry, as the combination of camera and image-processing software inbuilt on the device means custom fit bras and other undergarments could be easily achieved without the awkwardness of having a someone, uh, visually inspect your body proportions to obtain the correct fitting. Yep, we're done here.
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