• Sennheiser MOMENTUM headphones

    PROS: Clean, crisp audio; beautiful design; lightweight
    CONS: Expensive
    Rating: 4.5/5

    Sennheiser has a long, established history of producing quality audio products and its MOMENTUM over-ear headphones are no exception. Wrapped in a stylish, minimalist design, the Sennheiser MOMENTUM headphones boast serious audio and all-day comfort.

    The Sennheiser headphones’ design is a combination of brushed stainless steel and breathable leather. The padded cups are covered in soft Pittards leather and slide smoothly up and down on the exterior steel rails, which a firmer leather covering protects the top of the headband.

    Whether you are stuck in the office chair, squeezed into the train on the daily commute or reclining in the sun contemplating the ramifications of the night before, the padded headphones, weighing a slight 190g, are comfortable to wear for long periods.

    The headphones’ audio, powered by 40mm drivers, is fantastically suited to a wide range of genres.

    The low-end audio is slightly more noticeable than the higher ranges, providing a mellow listening experience when tuned into less- energetic genres, but comes alive when switched to electronic genres. Despite its emphasis, the bass doesn’t demand the front spot, rather it provides a clear and, at times, punchy backing.

    The top-end feels a little reined in, but this doesn’t hamper the audio output. The clarity of each range allows the other ranges to rise to the top and provide a full, dynamic sound.

    The headphones, available in brown or black, do not include active noise cancelling or Bluetooth connectivity, a lack of which may please some audiophiles while also reducing bulk, but they do provide decent noise-isolation from ambient noise via the deep, padded, circumaural design.

    In our testing, we found we were completely oblivious to those talking within metres at minimal volumes – making noise cancelling unnecessary.

    Accompanying the MOMENTUMs is a sturdy carrying case, a 6.3mm plug for amplifiers or microphones, a manual and two 3.5mm cables.

    Why two cables? The first is a standard connection cable, while the second features an in-line remote with microphone.

    The in-line remote cable enables wearers to answer and end calls, adjust the volume and skip and pause audio. Users can also fast-forward and rewind tracks and also, with iOS devices, use Siri. The in-line remote works with Mac and iOS devices.

    A neat feature of the in-line remote cable is the bottom 3.5mm plug, which swivels 90 degrees to accommodate different circumstances and offer a little protection.

    Both cables feel durable and for those who are sick of black cables, the MOMENTUM Black headphones arrive with vibrant red cables.

    While this will not apply to many users, the ability to interchange the cable provides a range of options for those who wish to use another cable that may be longer or shorter than those provided by Sennheiser.

    Bottom line.

    For those looking to mix style with quality audio, the Sennheiser MOMENTUM over-ear headphones should be a serious consideration.

    While the price tag will deter some, the headphones offer crisp, clear audio that emphasises almost all music genres and will be enjoyed by everyone from alternative lovers to dubstep thumpers.

    Durable, lightweight and extremely comfortable, the Sennheisers are an excellent choice for the home, commute or travel.

    By Jonathan Stewart
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