• Tuesday Morning News

    Details about Apple's upcoming A7 chip have leaked, with reports saying that it will be around 31% faster than the current A6 used in the iPhone 5. A 31% increase in speed doesn't seem like a lot, but it should be enough to be noticeably faster than the current iPhone. There's also speculation it could use a separate motion-tracking chip for additional capabilities, possibly used in conjunction with the camera for post processing.

    Just when you were getting used to the idea of a champagne coloured iPhone, a gunmetal grey iPhone surfaces to throw a spanner in your iPhone-purchasing works. The gunmetal grey iPhone doesn't look too bad almost like a lighter version of the black anodised iPhone and if you're keeping track, that's 4 possible colours of the iPhone 5S along with however many different sizes it'll be available in.

    Rumour has it Apple will be launching an iPhone trade-in program alongside the upcoming iPhone launch, letting customers trade-in their old iPhones for newer models. Customers who trade in their old handsets will receive discounted prices on new devices, and training for Apple Store staff has already begun. As for what Apple will be doing with the old iPhones, the craziest rumour is that they'll be shipping them to less developed countries.

    Over at iMore, Peter Cohen has a look at the best Bluetooth keyboards without numeric keypads. Apple arguably started the trend with their chic Apple Wireless Keyboard, which traded the numeric keypad for a smaller footprint and more portability, and now, a few other manufacturers are doing the same. The Apple Wireless Keyboard is pretty great, but the Logitech Bluetooth easy-switch has backlit keys.

    The lazy man's guide to streaming iTunes movies to your iPad by Macworld tells us about a few ways to stream movies. You can use Home Sharing if your Mac is on and iTunes is open, but if they're not, then there are a few apps you can use to help you out on the iPad side of things.

    If you've ever used a third-party input device (or even an Apple-branded one) and wanted to customise it more than Apple's built-in controls let you, you're mostly out of luck. The software provided by other companies often doesn't work as well as it should, which is why people use BetterTouchTool, or in this case, USB Overdrive. It's a super-useful tool for setting up and customising your input device just how you like it.

    In other news, Siri will respond to "OK, Glass" with a number of different and equally hilarious responses, including "I think that glass is half empty", "just so you know, I don't do anything when you blink at me", and my personal favourite, "stop trying to strap me to your forehead. It won't work."

    Stuart Hall's posts on his App Store experiment are definitely worthy reading if you're a developer or know of one. Hall made one of those 7-minute workout apps just to test a few things, and in doing so, he learnt a lot about how the App Store works; both how marketing helps an app, and above all, how going free might have a bigger impact than you think.

    If Steve Ballmer ran Apple, the Apple of today would be making more money (if that's even possible), but like Microsoft, also be slipping into irrelevance. Because that's what you get when the sales guys run the company big sales, but no real vision, no real direction. Ballmer's time at Micosoft wasn't a failure by any means, but Microsoft are in a unique position now because of him.

    A little while ago I shared an app called Frontback that took two photos: one of the thing in front of you, and one of your own face. MG Siegler's post on the matter says it's these kind of apps, apps that modify human behaviour, that are the ones making a difference.
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