• Wednesday Morning News

    When it comes to the official release of iOS 7, it's highly possible the iPad release of iOS 7 will come after the iPhone one. You'll recall the first iPad beta was the second beta of iOS 7 to be released, and from what I've been reading on the web and elsewhere, the iPad version of iOS 7 seems less stable and polished than the iPhone version.

    A few big players are signing up to advertise on Apple's iTunes Radio, a listening service similar to Pandora that is set to debut in September. ITunes Radio takes a leaf out of Spotify's book and will be offered to all users as an ad-supported service but like Spotify, users can sign up for iTunes Match and receive and ad-free iTunes Radio experience, similar to Spotify's Premium subscription option.

    The Apple Developer Centre outage from a month ago was to fix a remote code execution flaw, according to Apple who posted the statement up on its Apple Web Server notifications page. The Developer Centre was taken down, during which time Apple reported that the Developer Centre had been hacked, with one individual attempting to secure personal information from the service.

    Apple has received a patent for 3D gesture control, which could allow users to manipulate 3D objects in the space that exists above the device. The patent describes how the device can detect the user's fingers through the capacitive touch sensors and additional proximity sensors located in the display, which could then allow users to use gestures in thin air.

    Wacom has announced the Creative Stylus, a pressure-sensitive stylus for drawing and painting on the iPad. They're not the first one to release a pressure-sensitive stylus compatible with the iPad, but being Wacom they probably have a bit more visibility than other companies in the creative space. No word on local pricing, but the Creative Stylus is expected to debut in the US for $99 in October.

    Logitech has announced two new folio cases for the iPad mini, one with keyboard and one without. Both the Ultrathin Keyboard Folio and Folio Protective Case are water-repellant, feature a design that allows the iPad to be used at an angle, and they're both available now from the Logitech website.

    The official YouTube app has been updated for iOS, and version 2.0 now lets you watch a video while browsing or searching for another. The app has also received a small facelift, featuring new transitions and animations across the board. The icon has also been updated, which seems to suggest Google has been busy updating their apps for an iOS 7-ready world later this year.

    The latest Procreate update adds an awesome feature where artists can now record their entire creation process, recording every stroke in a project and then outputting it at 1080p. The engine that powers Procreate affords this ability to record every brush stroke and every drawn line, which can then be exported as a video in order to show how the creative process works. Very cool.

    When Apple killed off the 3rd-generation iPad (some say ahead of its time), everyone expected it was to get rid of the old and outdated 30-pin dock connector. If the rumours are true and we're operating under the assumption Apple will continue to sell the iPhone 4S, why would Apple keep a non-Lightning device around? If Lightning is truly superior as Apple claim, why are they keeping it around?

    This morning's header image is a Carbon Fiber Sleeve for your Mac from DFWcomposites, who manufacture sleeves for 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro machines. They're only up for pre-order at the moment, but they look kind of cool. Around $80 from their website.
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