• Tryten Mac mini Security Mount

    PROS: Simple; sturdy; lock included
    CONS: None that we found
    RATING: 5/5

    The arrival of a colleague’s new Mac mini proved to be the perfect time to test out Tryten’s Mac mini Security Mount.

    Like all good products, the mount is simplicity itself. Machined from high-grade aluminium, it’s designed to hold your Mac mini securely on or under a table or even attached to the back of a monitor with standard 75 or 100 VESA mount holes. We found that the Mac mini slid snugly into the mount, giving us full access to the power button and ports on the back of the computer while preventing access to its internals.

    A variety of wood and metal screws for mounting are included in the box, as is a “high-security, anti-pick, solid- steel premium” lock (with two keys) which stops the mini being slid out of the bracket. If you’re rolling out a fleet of Mac minis, Tryten offers the paid option of keyed-alike locks that can be secured with a single master key.

    The bracket also has a standard Kensington Security Slot for a cable lock, for those who want anti-theft security without having to screw it down. Tryten also makes these, and we tried out its $32.95 keyed Laptop Computer Lock Pro. Believe us, this mount was going nowhere!

    Tryten also included mounts for the old and new Apple TVs, priced at $39.95. These are pretty much identical to the Mac mini product, bar their size and the fact the latter bracket is black so it matches the new Apple TV.

    The products are available from Melbourne’s Beyond the Box and Sydney’s Alfa Computers.

    Bottom line.
    The Mac mini Security Mount is simple, sturdy, well-made and includes a lock. We found it easy to mount under a desk, to slide the mini in and out, and get to its power button and ports. If you need security for any reason or just want to get your mini off your desk, the Tryten is highly recommended.

    By Dave Bullard
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