• Wednesday Morning News

    I know what you're thinking. You're probably asking yourself what kind of whiz-bang wizardry has Apple got in store for us this time with the next iPhone? Well, luckily for you The Verge is separating the wheat from the chaff, putting in the whole nine years, and piecing together the rumours about what will eventually become the next iPhone. Keep in mind that most of this is pure speculation at this point. I mean, we have a pretty good idea of what Apple will be doing, but nothing concrete.

    One analyst is predicting a lack of Siri on the cheaper iPhone, something that will set it apart from its more expensive sibling. Apple analyst Gene Munster says Siri won't be present on the iPhone 5C, along with lower specs. Additionally, he's also quoted as saying the fingerprint recognition technology in the iPhone 5S will be used solely for unlocking the device, and not integrated system-wide in lieu of passwords or anything crazy like that.

    It probably comes as no big surprise that Apple will be releasing a thinner, lighter full-size iPad later this year, and following on from that, Bloomberg reports that a iPad mini with Retina display will be released sometime in the last three months of this year. I'm a skeptic on this one Apple already has an event planned for September, why have another event so soon afterwards?

    Apple were briefly selling the entire Harry Potter series for just $10 in the American iTunes Store, but they quickly corrected that pricing error. Nevertheless, they're still selling a number of other, just-as-good, movie collections for bargain basement prices (again, only in the US iTunes Store), such as The Matrix trilogy, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and the Bourne Collection for quite cheap. Meanwhile, people are upset that their season pass of Breaking Bad apparently doesn't include the latter half of season 5.

    Shifty Jelly has revealed a sneak peek at Pocket Casts 4, the biggest update to Pocket Casts for iOS that they've ever done. On the massive list of headlining features for the release is a redesigned user interface that feels right at home on iOS 7, iPad support, and a great syncing implementation that means your podcasts and subscriptions can be synced across any device on any platform. Best of all, it'll be available on the day iOS 7 is released to the public, which should be just about a month from now.

    Former Apple board member and current Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is the latest person to jump on the "Apple is doomed without Steve Jobs" bandwagon, saying that history will repeat itself and that "we've already conducted that experiment, it's been done" when referring to what an Apple without Steve Jobs is like.

    It's probably too late in the game for an iOS 7 redesign, seeing as we're getting close to the official release, but the minimalistic iOS 7 redesign concept posted up on The Next Web is too pretty to not look at. I love everything about it: the icons, the lock screen, the typography, the iconography everything. It looks amazing.

    ILounge has a review of the Belkin WeMo Light Switch. I can say that it's pretty much as you might expect: installation is a little more complex than previous WeMo units, but it operates in much the same way as your WeMo Switch might do once installed, hook it up to your Wi-Fi network and away you go.

    And speaking of new tech, MacRumors has a hands-on with the Automatic, the device that plugs into your car's OBD-II port. It then all syncs to an app via Bluetooth 4.0, which then gives car nerds some nice stats to look at. In addition to that, it'll also help locate your car in a pinch perfect for if you forget where you parked, for example.

    What is the meaning of Appleiness? I'm not really sure, not even after reading Horace Deidu's post on the matter compared to what it means to be Googliness. Apparently, making up words is neither Appleiness nor Googliness.
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