• Monday Morning News

    Mark September 10th in your calendar, because that's the date AllThingsD has heard Apple will bring out the big guns and announce the next iPhone, cheaper iPhone, and if we're lucky, the next iPad and iPad mini. AllThingsD has a pretty good record of predicting the dates for these things, so there's a pretty good chance September 10 will be the date you've been waiting the better part of the year for.

    Rumour has it the iPhone 5S, if that's indeed what the next generation iPhone will be called, will feature a convex sapphire home button that doubles as a fingerprint reader. We already know that there's hints in the iOS 7 beta which point to certain biometric features, so this is yet another possibility for Apple. Why convex instead of the current concave design? Well, there's limited space below the home button as it is, so putting a fingerprint sensor underneath there just isn't possible without a little extra breathing room.

    The US Department of Justice really seems to have it in for Apple, because they're now saying Apple are again colluding with publishers in their objection to the proposed penalty in the ebook price-fixing case. The DoJ recommended Apple immediately cease their contracts with publishers, and allow third party publishers to link to their own content within Apple's apps it's no wonder Apple appealed the decision, which was later denied.

    All of Apple's developer services are back online after a few weeks' worth of downtime, and as a kind of olive branch, Apple are offering developers a free month of their current memberships. It might make up for a few weeks of lost productivity, but hey it's not as if there's a big iOS release just around the corner or anything, is there?

    VEVO are said to be developing an app for the Apple TV, which will bring music videos straight to your Apple TV, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's unknown if this is just another content provider Apple are tapping to enhance the Apple TV experience, la the current providers (Netflix, Vimeo, and so on), or the beginning of a free-for-all where every man and his dog, complete with YouTube channel, will be able to create their own apps for the Apple TV.

    Marco Arment says the new Mac Pros are going to be expensive, going of Anandtech's pricing of the new Xeon chips slated to appear in the futuristic, cylindrical Mac Pro. The new Xeons come in a few shapes and sizes (read: core and clock configurations), but with a starting price of around $2300, that's not even including room for the dual workstation-class graphics cards, research and development, or even that Made in USA sticker. It'll be interesting to see what kind of price we get locally, seeing as the Australian dollar isn't doing that well these days against the ol' greenback.

    Mac Mini Colo has a post on the market for second-hand Mac minis, and as a company who rents out your own Mac mini for you to do what you like with, they know a thing or two about on-selling Mac minis that have outlived their usefulness as cheap web servers. As it turns out, Mac minis, like many other Apple products, hold their value pretty well.

    Regardless of what you think about in-app purchases, having Usain Bolt as an in-app purchase for Temple Run 2 is pretty cool. Props to The Verge for combining that with the pun about the world's fastest in-app purchase, while we're at it.

    You would be hard pressed to ignore the BSD roots of the modern Mac operating system, and if you were to attribute those underpinnings to one man, it would be Jordan Hubbard. Hubbard recently left Apple to become Chief Technology Officer at iXsystems, but there will likely be those who still believe in the advantages of BSD at Apple, says Hubbard.

    Speaking of operating systems, it's a debate that's as old as the perennial PC vs Mac: is it pronounced OS "ex", or OS "ten"? Dr Drang thinks and makes the case for "ex", seeing as to do otherwise is downright ridiculous is some situations (OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion), but by his own admission, Apple says it should be "ten" and yes, there's a support document from Apple that backs that up.

    Not strictly Apple-related, but it's not hard to see where the inspiration for upcoming film "Her" comes from. Her is the story of guy who falls in love with his digital assistant AI, voiced by Scarlett Johansson. I mean, there's already been a Big Bang Theory episode about Siri and countless other references in popular culture a movie is just the logical next step.

    A new NMA TV video about Apple offering discounted genuine chargers in order to curb the tide of electrocution-related incidents as a result of using non-genuine chargers? Always good for a laugh but the accent on the English version just doesn't quite have the appeal of the original, in my opinion.
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