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    We now have high-resolution renders of the low-cost iPhone, courtesy of one Chinese forum. Yellow, red, and green are still the colours of choice used for the renderings, perhaps based on the leaked plastic backs we saw yesterday. The new design's back has a slight curve to it that reminds me of the current generation iPod touch design, and I'm sure it'll be great to hold in the flesh.

    Apple has upped the iWatch ante with trademark filings in Mexico, Taiwan, Turkey, and Colombia. The general idea behind filing the patent in these other countries is that Apple files the trademark in countries where it's harder to find the trademark filing online, then they use that as leverage for filing the patent in countries where the patent will be found in seconds, such as in the US. What does this mean? Well, it means there's something on the horizon, something named iWatch.

    An Apple patent describes a touch-sensitive bezel that can serve as a secondary input mechanism, hidden until it's needed and changing from transparent to opaque upon sensing proximity. It essentially means the underlying touch-sensitive area of display extends underneath the bezel, which can be used for additional input when required it's designed to be used on smaller displays where space is at a premium, but you can imagine this kind of thing being used on devices with large bezels, too.

    Apple prides themselves on their environmental friendliness, and to that end, they're planning to build a solar panel farm for one of their data centres in Reno, Nevada. Apple already has two solar farms at its North Carolina data centers, both 20MW in size. The proposed solar farm in Reno is expected to provide similar power output though use of new technologies and mirrors that concentrate the sun's rays to provide extra power.

    Opera 15 is unlike any previous version of Opera ever released because it runs Chromium under the hood. The website says it runs on a Chromium engine, which probably means it uses the WebKit rendering engine, perhaps combined with a speedy Javascript implementation. It's available for download via the Opera website right now.

    Calendar might not be called iCal any more, but in OS X Mavericks, Calendar gets an overhaul that's completely devoid of any leather or torn pages. It's a more clean, streamlined look if you're a big Calendar user and are wondering how Calendar has changed, iMore has the preview you've been looking for.

    Thomas Brand from Egg Freckles has a piece about the default desktop backgrounds of OS X releases gone by, in an attempt to unravel the secret behind the wave of OS X Mavericks. Spoiler: there probably is no secret, as it was revealed during the keynote that Mavericks is a great spot for surfing.

    Thanks to iCloud, retiring an old Mac now has a few extra steps. In addition to the usual steps of deauthorising your iTunes account, you'll also have to turn off a few iCloud settings in System Preferences, lest your old iCloud data still remain on the system.

    An in-depth article on the typographical choices and inner workings of type in iOS 7 by Typographica acknowledges that while the font choices may not be great (as we've already seen from one German typographer), the underlying font rendering engines and internals are nothing but first class.

    Lastly today is a video compilation of Steve Jobs' funniest moments. There are some true classics in there, so enjoy!
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