• Veho Mimi X3 wireless speaker

    Veho Mimi X3 wireless speaker

    PROS Portable Wi-Fi connection; great sound; large range
    CONS Requires dongle; limited buttons

    Veho’s Mimi X3 wireless speaker system is a powerful yet beautifully simple audio system, for wherever you go.

    Rather than using a home network or Bluetooth, the Veho systems connect to devices via provided Wi-Fi dongles. The 2.4GHz wireless transmitter dongles – which attach to the audio device – means users aren’t restricted by Wi-Fi networks and difficult setups. Users also have a range of 35m. The Mimi X3 is truly portable.

    A 4000 mAh rechargeable battery makes the UK-designed Mimi X3 suitable for both outdoor and indoor situations, whether Wi-Fi connectivity is available or not. A 3.5mm port at the rear of the speaker, and the provided cable, ensures all devices can connect to the X3.

    The battery lasts up to 12 hours without a power connection and requires seven hours to charge.

    The X3, which measures 31cm wide, 16cm high and 12cm deep, offers a simple, clean design. At the top of the speaker resides a volume dial and a series of lights indicating the current volume.

    The rear of the X3 sports two input ports and the power button. The auxiliary and power cable ports are divided away from the power button by a red LED that indicates if the battery is recharging.

    Powerful audio resonates from the X3. The base of the speaker features a grille for its 9W subwoofer to breathe, while the black felt that surrounds the system’s waist hides the X3′s two, 4.5W speakers. The high-end and mid-tones can suffer from distortion at times, but this is rare. The bass pounds its way through audio in a determined, crisp fashion. However, for a speaker in the $400 range, the audio quality is great but isn’t mind-blowing.

    Setting-up the Veho speaker is very easy. Veho has provided a series of attachments that enable your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad and iPod to connect to the X3. However, the iOS attachments are suitable for 30-pin devices – so the iPhone 5, latest iPad, iPad mini and fifth-generation iPod touch are out.

    The Mac or PC accessory comes in the form of a USB dongle, which, once plugged into the audio-laden device, requires a few simple steps to connect. Mac users, should select the X3 from within System Preferences > Sound > Output, and the computer’s audio will flow through the speaker. For hard-to-reach USB ports, Veho has included a nifty extender dock.

    For those with a desktop or Lightning-equipped iOS devices, plugging the USB dongle into a computer and using the Apple Remote app on the iOS device to control the computer’s iTunes is a simple solution.

    However, if you are setting up a multi-room system, Veho isn’t the best choice – unless all of your music is stored on the one device – as speaker systems, such as Sonos, can connect to a home Wi-Fi network and allow all connected devices access to the speakers.

    Mac and iOS users may also consider the Bower & Wilkins Z2 (B&W Z2 AirPlay speaker - Macworld Australia - Macworld Australia), which for another $100 offers AirPlay, a remote and a Lightning dock.

    Bottom line.

    The X3 is a great wireless speaker. But we are left with the feeling it falls a little short of the multi-room system competition. However, for those looking for a single speaker, with truly portable features, the X3 is a great option.

    By Jonathan Stewart
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