• Review: House of Marley Get Up Stand Up

    House of Marley Get Up Stand Up
    By Jonathan Stewart

    House of Marley’s Get Up Stand Up music system combines crisp audio, deep thumping bass and a 30-pin iPhone dock in a stylish wooden design.

    The open wave design is crafted from birch wood with a walnut veneer that gives the speaker an aesthetically pleasing look that would suit any room in your house.

    The Get Up Stand Up pumps its audio out of two high-output, long- throw 4.5in (100mm) woofers; two 1in (25mm) tweeters and forceful amplifier.

    Unlike the majority of audio systems that hide the front of the speakers behind fabric, House of Marley has placed the Get Up Stand Up’s woofers and tweeters in a symmetrical and open layout that is captivating.

    At the top of the Get Up Stand Up system are three buttons to control the system. The first switches the system on or off, while the remaining two control the volume.

    The system’s audio output is its biggest strength. The room-filling sound submerges those listening into an all-encompassing range of treble, bass and mid-tones.

    Like the Bag of Rhythm, the Get Up Stand Up system misses very little, as the audio is presented in an even and clear manner that is great to listen to for lengthy periods.

    When listening to reggae or dance music the bass bounces below the higher ranges, however with more classical style genres the bass can be noticeably unsuitable.

    While the 30-pin dock that adorns the front of the speakers is limited to Apple devices released before the company’s 2012 introduction of the Lightning connector, the dock supports and charges iPhone, iPod and iPad devices.

    For those with a Lightning- connected iOS device or non-Apple audio device, there is an accompanying 3.5mm cord for the Aux In port in a true Marley combination of black, yellow, red and green.

    A Bluetooth dock-adapter would also be an option for those who do not wish to leave their device in the dock or cabled to the speakers' rear.

    Residing next to the Aux In port at the rear of the speaker sit a set of Composite In audio ports (left and right, red and white).

    The speaker doesn’t follow the current audio system trend towards wireless connectivity, either through Bluetooth or Apple’s Wi-Fi solution, AirPlay.

    This will limit the number of consumers choosing to purchase the audio system, with many audio manufacturers offering wireless solutions in lowly priced systems.

    However, the Get Up Stand Up boasts a minimalistic and simplistic feel that many others would be jealous of – a feeling that is epitomised by the lack of wireless connectivity.

    Weighing 7kg, the House of Marley system measures 33cm high, 60.2cm wide and 25.4cm deep.

    The House of Marley system comes with a small, lightweight remote offering users the ability to skip and play/pause audio tracks, adjust the system’s volume and turn the device on and off. The remote requires a 3V battery, which is included in the box.

    Bottom line.

    Giving back to 1Love – a charity founded by members of Bob Marley’s family – House of Marley has produced a beautiful, high-level home audio system that will suit almost everybody. While the 30-pin dock limits the Get Up Stand Up’s audience to users of older iOS devices, Bluetooth adapters and Aux In cables are available for a huge range of devices.

    For those who seek a well-designed, minimalistic speaker with boisterous audio – this is a top option.

    House of Marley Get Up Stand Up
    PROS: Beautiful wooden design; huge atmospheric audio; remote
    CONS: 30-pin dock; no wireless options
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