• Friday Morning News

    Apple launched a new 16GB model of the iPod touch overnight. It's a cheaper version of the fifth-generation iPod touch with the same 4-inch display as found on that model and on the iPhone 5, but it comes without a rear camera and the carrying loop. It's also only available in one colour, and will retail for $$249 in an Apple Store near you. Additionally, Apple also announced it had sold 100 million iPod touch units since its introduction in 2007.

    Apple has been hiring graphics engineers that previously worked for AMD. After layoffs from AMD earlier this year, several engineers were hired by Apple to work in an Orlando-based GPU team, further boosting Apple's graphics engineering efforts, perhaps even reducing its reliance on external companies to provide graphics processors for its mobile devices.

    A security researcher has called out the fact Apple's two-step authentication for Apple IDs doesn't protect your iCloud data. Apple's current implementation of two-step means that unauthorised users can restore your iCloud backup onto a new device with only your password, not to mention the far more serious issue of users being able access everything in your iCloud account with just a username and password.

    Google's SVP of Android, Chrome and Apps announced that the Google Play All Access music subscription service will be officially coming to iOS in a few weeks. Speaking at AllThingsD, Sundar Pichai didn't reveal any additional details about the upcoming service, but it's likely we'll see an app released in the near future.

    Tweetbot for Mac has been updated with the new media timeline as seen in the iOS version, as well as support for cover images and a new tweet view that brings it inline with Twitter's own guidelines on tweet display. The update is now available from the Mac App Store.

    The August Smart Lock is an iPhone-controlled door lock that means you can "control who can enter and who can't, without the need for keys or codes". The iOS app lets you manage all this information, and the lock itself can even auto-sense when an authorised iPhone is in proximity, automatically unlocking the door.

    You can take photos of the moon with your iPhone, but you'll need some extra hardware to do so. The iPhone's tiny lens isn't really doing you any favours, but if you strap a telescope to it, it suddenly becomes a capable celestial camera. Not exactly the Hubble, but still, pretty good.

    The Satechi aluminium USB hub is one that will perfectly complement the other Apple hardware on your desk. It's the closest thing to an Apple-usb hub that I've seen, while still offering 7 ports of USB 3.0.

    From someone who's actually created a reminders/task management app, here's why Reminders from Apple is still his weapon of choice when it comes to getting things done. I've found replacements for a few of the standard iOS apps here and there, but I particularly like his last point: unless an alternative is particularly great, why change over from the default?

    And finally this morning, and wrapping up the week, a story from folklore.org on making a mess and cleaning it up.
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