• Wednesday Morning News

    Just when you think the jokes about iPads and women's hygiene products had died down, along comes a rumour about the iPad Maxi, a 12.9-inch version of Apple's iPad. The rumour claims the larger iPad will launch in 2014 to target the ultrabook market, as well as increasing the utility of the iPad for tasks where screen real estate is a valuable resource. It has to be noted, though, this rumour comes from a "wholly unreliable" source.

    In a similar position is the rumour of the iPhone 5S display with twice as many pixels as the current iPhone 5. Depending on who you ask, it's already very difficult, if not impossible, to see the pixels on an iPhone 5 display *doubling the pixel count once again makes no sense. The rumour says larger screen sizes will eventually require larger resolutions, but I'm guessing Apple has already worked that out.

    The release of the iPad mini undercut the price of the full-size iPad by some amount, but some critics say it won't be enough to stem the tide of low-cost Android tablets, and there's now pressure for Apple to release an even cheaper iPad mini. This isn't new: every time Apple releases a new product, people say they need to release a cheaper one "in order to maintain market share". I don't see any of the cheaper Android tablets selling millions of units per quarter, so I think their market share is just fine.

    Instacast for Mac has come out of beta, and it's Federico Viticci's favourite podcast app for the Mac. Instacast for Mac has much the same features as the iOS version, with an expansive set of keyboard shortcuts to suit the Mac user interaction paradigm of keyboard and mouse. It also syncs with the iOS version, and is available for US $14.99 for a limited time only.

    The Google+ iPhone app has been updated to feature all the same niceties as the Android version, including all the new photo features that were announced at Google I/O. The new photo features allow users to have their photos automatically enhanced, and panoramas and animations are now supported. Hangouts has been removed from the app in favour of its standalone counterpart, and there's a few smaller features in there, too.

    According to The Wirecutter, the best AirPlay speaker is the Pioneer A4. Sure, a Bluetooth wireless speaker might mean you get compatibility between the various portable devices you might have around the house, but at $200, the room-filling Pioneer A4 is a steal.

    Setting up an old Mac for your grandma (or grandpa, for that matter) is a little different than just giving away or selling an older laptop. For one, OS X has some pretty weird defaults set up *why is the guest account turned on by default? There's a few basic tips you can follow to make gran's OS X experience a little better, such as making the cursor bigger to make it easier to see.

    If you've heard the story once, you've heard it a thousand times: an iOS app hides tethering mode, the app gains massive popularity after its revealed to have a hidden tethering mode, and Apple pulls the app. Little Artist Canvas tried to bend the spoon, but came up against the truth: contrary to popular belief, there actually is a spoon.

    If we're going to start talking about flat design, we might as well be educated on what flat design actually is. It doesn't just mean a lack of textures, but it's also things like no added effects, simple elements, and a focus on simplicity, typography, and colour.

    Richard Devine from iMore laments the lack of regional Apple TV content. In other words: why can't I watch ABC iView natively on the Apple TV, without having to resort to AirPlay from my iOS device? If only the Apple TV ran some kind of OS that could run apps, then all this would have been solved already; Netflix might be great if all you want to watch is Arrested Development, but what about The Doctor?
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