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    It's rumoured Foxconn will begin to diversify their business to reduce their reliance upon Apple for most of their business, and they're going to be doing just that by branching out into software and licensed Apple accessories. Licensed Apple accessories I can understand *think docks, cables, adapters, that kind of thing but software seems like a strange decision. But hey, I mean, it can't be any worse than iCloud, right?

    The iPhone has come under close scrutiny in Europe, where the European Commission is taking a closer look at Apple to see whether they're playing nice with the other kids. No formal antitrust suit has been opened, but the Commission are looking into how Apple negotiates terms with the various carriers who wish to sell the iPhone on their network, such as how Apple conducts speedtests on carriers' networks to see if they're up to scratch.

    The upcoming iOS 7 redesign will be a pretty special thing indeed (for good or for bad), but if you've been reading the signs, the writing's been on the wall for some time now. 9to5Mac has collected a few examples of Apple's changing design language, and while some of them aren't the best examples to support their argument of a changing design language, there's certainly a look that has evolved over the years.

    Google plans to bring their app launcher from Chrome OS to the Chrome browser, as found in the latest versions of the Chromium developer builds. The app launcher simply allows users to launch what are essentially web-apps of Google services and third-party apps just like you would if you were using a single-site browser or similar. The implementation in Chromium isn't quite there yet, but this is a step in the right direction.

    Just Mobile make a few accessories for Apple products. I remember the first Just Mobile product I reviewed right here on MacTalk all those years ago, back when portable batteries for iPhones were just being popular. Anyway, Just Mobile has since expanded to more than just batteries, and the AluBase, AluStand, and AluRack are all accessories that let your Mac stand up and be noticed.

    It's possible future portable devices from Apple could feature a double-sided touch panel and an iPhone with push to talk. The PTT implementation is interesting, as it uses data packets to communicate between devices, rather than the cellular voice/radio that current PTT implementations use. And among other things, a double-sided touch panel would contribute to thinner devices, as well as having obvious utility for multiple inputs.

    Not that I'd recommend you try it at home (unless you're truly curious or bored out of your mind), but as it turns out, you can import photos to your iPad from a floppy disk. Which is great, until you realise that this technological abomination flies in the face of everything the iPad is all about.

    How fast is USB 3, really? According to Macworld's tests, about three times as fast as USB 2, and faster again if you're transferring from a SSD. That puts it above FireWire 800 for speed, and around on par with Thunderbolt although, Thunderbolt is still faster if you're using an SSD.

    Rocket Ink gets all meta and takes screenshots of Keyboard Maestro macros with Keyboard Maestro itself. It's a new feature in Keyboard Maestro 6, and it could turn out to be pretty handy if you like sharing your macros with others or like putting together tutorial-type blog posts.

    There's a post about what really happens on a teen girl's iPhone over the Huffington Post, but trust me, you probably don't want to know. It's all snapchats, ostracism by iMessage group chat, and an obsessive-compulsive desire to always be checking Facebook. It's a crazy world out there, people, so stay safe.
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