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    The latest in the Jony Ive iOS 7 redesign space is that iOS 7 will debut with a look that's black, white, and flat all over. Sources have told 9to5Mac that the new look for iOS drops heavy textures and adds new black and white user interface elements. There's a few other details about specific parts of iOS after the jump, but suffice to say it looks as though the main focus of iOS 7 will be an updated UI across the board, instead of any groundbreaking new features.

    Which might be the wrong direction for Apple to head in, or so says an opinion piece from AppleInsider. Exclusive, distinctive features are what the next release of iOS needs, not just a flat UI overhaul. There's still plenty of great ideas to be mined from other platforms, and I'm sure the folks at Apple have a thing or two up their sleeve I'm not going to say iOS 7 is "boring" like some, but it would be crazy for Apple to not be mindful of the competition.

    South Australia now has an Apple Store to call their own, and by all reports, the queue for the grand opening of the Rundle Place Apple Store was hundreds deep early Saturday morning. The store features one of the new Genius Bars that isn't perpendicular to the rear of the store, but still features the new 360-degree layout for maximum customer throughput. Yes, that's a thing.

    The AllThingsD conference will be happening later this week, and Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher will pose a few questions to Apple CEO Tim Cook. Asymco's Horace Dediu has a few questions of his own, mostly relating to the economic side of Apple how come the iPhone isn't a "portfolio product", why is the iPhone only available on roughly 250 carriers worldwide, and so on.

    The iPad mini is the first portable that features stereo sound, and to that end, Apple are looking into adjusting audio playback regardless of the display's orientation or user positioning. Their patent application means audio that is supposed to come through the left channel will always come through the left channel, no matter how you hold the iPad or other device.

    A combination of hardware and software can turn the iPhone into a powerful biosensor, capable of testing for toxins and pathogens and other medical diagnosis. It's basically a kit to make the iPhone a nice little spectrometer, but what's more important is how this small step is one step closer to the tricorder future of tomorrow.

    Speaking of which, the FDA is looking into a medical app that performs urinalysis, asking why it hasn't been cleared by the agency. The uChek system allows people to interpret their own urine testing strips, as well as store results which can then be analysed over time. The app itself is free, but urine testing kits are about $40 in the US.

    You've got to hand it to HP for so brazenly copying the design of the MacBook Pro. With a product name like Envy, it's no wonder that their laptop almost perfectly resembles a MacBook Pro right down to the similarly-placed HP logo, the aluminium chassis, and the black keys. What sets the Envy apart, however, is the fact that you can build one to come with a 3200x1800 resolution display, a tad higher than the 2880x1800 offered by the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display.

    WWDC sold out in mere minutes this year* 71 seconds, if some reports to be believed or so the story goes. Marco Arment has a different theory: Apple's servers were overloaded during those first few minutes, and mistakenly flipped the sold out switch a little early, a possible reason why Apple resorted to calling developers who had added a WWDC ticket to their cart.

    A working Apple I sold at auction for the princely sum of $671,400, a record amount for that particular auction house. Pretty incredible, especially considering the machines originally sold for around $2700 in today's currency. Still, I guess a working model would actually be worth those kinds of dollars these days.

    The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD will hit later this week. May 30th, to be exact, despite earlier reports the release date would be pushed back to as late as July Capcom has announced they'll be shipping much sooner, which is nothing short of excellent news for Phoenix Wright fans. If the news is published a little late on Friday, you'll know why.

    The latest Apple ad is Music Every Day. It's about how every day, more music is enjoyed on the iPhone than any other phone. It's in the same great style that the previous ad (Photos Every Day) was set in, a style that I hope Apple continues.

    This morning's header image taken from our own thread on the Adelaide Apple Store, by member carlow1.
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