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    Apple has confirmed to AllThingsD that its WWDC keynote will be happening on Monday June 10, at 10am. That's 3am our time on Tueseday, June 11th, and while there aren't any details for an Apple live stream of the event it still might be a little early for that kind of thing. Here's hoping, though.

    Rumour has it Apple's upcoming iPhone 5S and lower-cost iPhone will be available in a variety of colours. The actual article from AppleInsider says "a vast array" of colours beyond the current black and white options, something along the lines of the current fifth-generation iPod touch range. A limited production run of 1000 units of the low-cost iPhone is expected to be done in June, mostly for field-testing purposes.

    Microsoft has brought out the big guns, letting Siri do all the talking in a new ad campaign targeted at the iPad. The new ad outlines side-by-side apps, PowerPoint, and the pricetag of an ASUS Windows 8 tablet as advantages over the iPad, whilst pointing out none of the iPad's features. And for more Microsoft ad shenanigans, check out their ad that features not-to-scale drawings and a visual comparison that doesn't tell the whole truth.

    If you want someone to blame for the higher cost of iPhone 5 replacement parts, blame Apple. Blame Apple for their tight control of components, making it more expensive for consumers to repair their own devices, even though the design of the iPhone 5 makes it much easier for you to do so. The display for the iPhone 5 is roughly double the price of the display assembly for its predecessor.

    I'm not sure about the use of the word "finally" in The Verge's headline on Evernote becoming a to-do app with their new Reminders feature, but there it is. Evernote has added Reminders to their iOS, Mac, and web platforms, allowing you to create reminders in the app as well as things like reminders-based lists. Strangely, there aren't any recurring reminders just yet, but Evernote are looking to expand the reminders feature-set.

    Mailbox has added iPad support in their latest update, and the universal update means that you'll now be able to use Mailbox on your iPad to swipe your way towards inbox zero on your tablet, as well as your phone.

    Google Music has seen a pretty quiet launch here in Australia, but users of the service can now rejoice as third-party developers have released an app that brings Google's "All Access" music service to iOS. The app itself is $1.99, but you'll need an All Access subscription to be able to take full advantage of it. It's unclear whether Google will eventually release its own app or not, what with the current unrest between Apple and Google.

    You might have heard of the Dubai hotel that provides guests with a 24-karat gold iPad for use during their stay. You might want to keep your own iPad close by though, as the gold iPad only offers a limited iPad experience via a number of pre-installed apps. But if you're looking to pick one up, you can buy a gold-plated 64GB iPad for US $10,200. Also on offer are gold iPad minis, gold iPhone 5s, and even gold BlackBerry Q10s, if those are more your speed and style.

    Otterbox has acquired LifeProof, a logical acqusition that now means two protective case companies can do even better work together. Otterbox are known for their rugged protective cases, and LifeProof are known for their almost everything-proof cases it's a perfect match.

    Does the Apple logo really display the golden ratio in elements of its design? Well, kind of you'll have to read the first answer of this Quora thread to find out more.
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