• Thursday Morning News

    Industry analyst Michael Gartenberg has joined Apple. According to Forbes, he's joining the marketing team under the guidance of Phil Schiller to do some marketing-related things. There hasn't been a official announcement from Apple, but Gartenberg did say on his Twitter account a little while ago that he would stop talking about tech *this new appointment might have something to do with his silence.

    Tim Cook confirmed at the Senate hearing into their mounds of cash that there will be new Macs manufactured in the US, and those Macs will be manufactured in Texas. Of course, Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn does have facilities in Texas, likely impacting Apple's decision to make Macs in the US. We don't know which Mac Apple will be manufacturing in the US, but they will be which is at least something, I guess.

    The Apple Online Store was down last night, and when it came back up again, there were some substantial changes to the design and layout of the beloved Online Store. The new look is cleaner and does away with the text-heavy sidebars, instead featuring larger images and a redesigned categories sidebar with pictures.

    One Apple analyst is saying Apple's iWatch will arrive in late 2014 with a focus on biometric technology. We've been expecting (or at least hoping) for Apple to release their smartwatch sometime later this year, but Ming-Chi Kuo says the smartwatch will hit in late next year, with a focus on deep iOS integration.

    Apple has detailed five patents that are violated by the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Google Now. The patents cover things such as a "universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system", as well as a "graphical user interface using historical lists with field classes". The ongoing legal battle between Samsung and Apple continues in 2014.

    The OmniGroup make some really nice software for Mac and iOS, and today, they've announced OmniPresence, an automatic document syncing solution for OS X and iOS. My first impression is that it sounds very similar to Dropbox, but OmniPresence is different in that it's based on open web technologies such as Apache. For those unwilling or unable to run their own server infrastructure, The Omni Group are also supporting their own Omni Sync Server inside of OmniPresence. There's a more in-depth run-down on MacStories that gives you all the other info you need.

    Google has updated Chrome on OS X with voice search, allowing you to search the web by asking questions in the Google search bar notably, the voice search icon does not appear in the Chrome's omni-box, like you might imagine. Similarly, Google has announced they'll be rolling out voice search on Chrome for iOS in the coming days.

    Facebook has introduced their Share Dialog for iOS, a one-liner of code that means any app developer can easily add sharing to Facebook from within their app. The Share Dialog will make it easier for developers to natively share to Facebook, without diving too deep into the Facebook SDK for iOS.

    Twitter for Mac has had yet another surprise update, with the update now featuring Notification Center integration. I don't use Twitter for Mac (instead preferring the excellent Tweebot), but I presume any clicked notifications now take you to the app rather than the Twitter website. Or it might just be that notifications now go to the Notification Centre rather than Growl or similar.

    We've seen many iPad Bluetooth keyboards, but ever since the first iPad people have been finding novel ways to connect their keyboards via USB. Logitech has seen the light and introduced a wired iPad keyboard, but they're targeting it towards the education market. Both Lightning and 30-pin Dock Connector models will be available, with special iPad-only keys and a spill-resistant design.
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