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    Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer have now testified in front of the Senate committee over Apple's alleged tax evasion practices. MacRumors has a transcript of the entire testimony if you're interested in Cook's actual words. The long and the short of it, though, is that Apple has almost $100 billion overseas and they won't be bringing it back home unless there's a "dramatic simplification" of the US tax code.

    Speaking of tax, the Australian Tax Office has announced they'll be releasing e-tax for Mac this year. At a cost of $5.2 million taxpayer dollars, you would expect e-tax for Mac to be on par features-wise with the Windows version, but I highly doubt that it will be compatible with Retina displays, for example. Our own thread on the matter has all the puns, including how it might have been more cost-effective for the ATO to simply buy every Mac user a Windows laptop to run e-tax with.

    Hot on the heels of the Flickr redesign is the rumour that Flickr and Vimeo will be included as part of an expanded social lineup in iOS 7. It's important to remember that Flickr and Vimeo are already members of the social integration currently present in OS X *iMovie features sharing to Vimeo, and iPhoto has had Flickr sharing for some time now. It's not unfathomable to imagine that the same services will make their way to iOS.

    9to5Mac has purported photos of the 802.11ac wireless chip that will provide gigabit Wi-Fi for the next slew of Macs. The Broadcom BCM94360CD is the crowd favourite for inclusion in the next Mac lineup next time the product lines are refreshed, along with whatever else Apple ups the ante with. Let's just hope for an announcement at WWDC.

    Indie game developers and bigger game studios can now use the Unity engine for free for iOS game development. Previously users had to upgrade to a specific license to use Unity for iOS development, but now Unity has dropped that requirement and made their tool free for anyone to use. Once you start raking in cash you'll still have to upgrade to Unity Pro, however *but at least Unity is giving you a leg up.

    Bjango has an article on their entire app design workflow. It's a good read if you're thinking about app development or have already published your own apps into the App Store their workflows might not suit yours, but it's still good to see how other designers work.

    Keyboard Maestro 6.0 has been released, and there's a lot to like in this update. It requires Mountain Lion, but you get features like automatic macro syncing across computers, and there's now triggers and actions so you can build macros across almost any aspect of your Mac. A new macro debugger lets you see why and where a macro is failing, and a lot more. Previous users get upgrade pricing, and you can always download a trial version of the software from Stairways Software.

    Instamerge (link opens iTunes) is a new iOS app by Australian developer Joel Vodell, and it's a pretty cool app that slices and dices up an image so it's shared over multiple images, rather than just being limited to the one "square" for your image. It makes for a pretty nice profile (when viewed on iOS), but is limited by the fact that you can't upload images from within the app, due to an API limitation.

    As much as people love the all-glass frontage of Apple stores, Chinese activists are complaining about how the Causeway Bay flagship store in Hong Kong is causing light pollution, with light from the Apple Store able to be seen from up to 700 meters away. Light pollution is actually a big problem in densely populated Hong Kong, with some residents unable to escape the constant ambient lighting.

    The coal-to-grilling distance of the repurposed PowerMac G5 isn't optimal for grilling things, but as it turns out, the PowerMac G5 grill doesn't do too bad a job.
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