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    Hot on the heels of Sharp announcing their highest resolution displays last week are Samsung, who don't want to be left out of the high-pixel density display party. Samsung's 13.3-inch display comes in at a crazy 3200x1800 resolution, which weighs in at 276 PPI. That's a considerable bit higher than Apple's current 13" MacBook Pro Retina, which weighs in at 227 PPI. It's unknown if Apple will change the resolution of their displays to any of these newer offerings, but they do open up some interesting ideas for the MacBook Air, which already has a larger resolution than the standard MacBook Pro.

    Rumour has it Apple are testing tiny 1.5-inch OLED displays for the wearable iWatch. Japanese source Macotakara is reporting Foxconn has been contracted to build a small trial batch of the watches. Notably, 1.5 inches is exactly the size of the sixth-generation iPod nano, the one people decided to wear on their wrist *testing revealed a 1.8" display felt too big, so Apple went with the next best thing.

    Citizens of Adelaide, welcome to your very first Apple Store. The grand opening of the Rundle Place Apple Store in Adelaide will be happening this Saturday at 10am, where you'll be able to participate in all the usual opening day festivities: clapping, exclusive opening day t-shirts, clapping, and even more clapping. This marks the 20th Apple Store in Australia, with only Tasmania and the Norther Territory lacking Apple Stores to call their own but hey, if Canberra has one, anything's possible, right?

    Speaking of Apple Stores, they continue to do better than any other retail chain, at least in the US. A report from Asymco details how Apple retail continues to perform twice as well as Tiffany and Co, the second best retailer, and three times as well as the third best. Revenue per visitor is now at $57.60, a record high.

    Apple's planned testimony to the US Senate on tax avoidance has been released to the public ahead of their May 21st hearing, and it mostly defends Apple's tax practices and also asks for an overhaul of the US tax system. Apple paid $6 billion in federal taxes in fiscal 2012, so it's not as if they're not paying all their requisite taxes *but as for what they're doing in Ireland with the mysteriously named Apple Operations International, well, that's a slightly harder question to answer.

    It's pretty common to look for alternatives to the stock iOS apps. I'm using Fantastical for calendars, for example, and there's a vast array of alternative music players out there. The Ars staff have collected their own alternatives to some of the stock iOS apps, and there's a few good recommendations.

    And if, for some insane reason, you prefer Outlook to Mail for handling your Gmail inbox, then MacStories has updated their guide on how to get Outlook working with Gmail. You'll have to dive into Gmail settings to make sure a few things are in order, but their guide takes you through all those steps.

    Every now and again a desktop title makes the jump to iOS, and that's exactly what's happened with Frozen Synapse. Frozen Synapse is a highly tactical game where you'll plan out your moves and then execute them from a top-down perspective. You don't really get to shoot anyone or anything, instead, you'll direct your soldiers to do all the shooting. It's now available on the iPad for $7.49 in our own App Store, and you should check out the Touch Arcade review while you're at it.

    Unclutter is a Mac app from the same team that make the excellent DaisyDisk. It's like Pocket for storing stuff, instead of just leaving it on your desktop. It's always available and ready for you to dump notes, files, or anything else into it, where it'll be tucked away and ready for you the next time you need it. $5.49 in our on App Store.

    We'll know when Apple finally gets iCloud right when people stop writing pieces asking when will Apple get iCloud right. All kidding aside, though, Gus Mueller's piece has a number of reasonable roadsigns to let us know when Apple are on the right track. We might not expect Google-level command of web services, but is it too much to ask for server side tools to make the debugging process easier?
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